The 5 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Will Get Revenge On Their Ex-Partners When Pushed Too Far

When a relationship ends some people are fine with the ending and move on with their lives, but there are some people who if pushed too far will go all out for revenge. According to the zodiac, these five signs are far from forgiving and are not adverse to a little revenge to make sure you know who is the boss.


Scorpios do not react well to being dumped as they are used to doing the dumping. They can hold a grudge for all eternity and they will never forget what you said and did. The joke is often said if you dump a Scorpio you be best to change your name and move countries.

No amount of reasoning with them will do any good as they simply won’t listen to you. They will plot their revenge for a long time and when you least expect it that is when they will strike.


If your ex is an Aries just know they are plotting their revenge right now. You might think you are home free as it’s been a while since you were with them, all they are doing is lulling you into a false sense of security that you are safe from them. Their revenge won’t be anything violent they are smarter than doing something that could give them a criminal record.

Their revenge usually takes form as humiliating you and in a very public way, and if people around you laugh at it all the better as far as they are concerned. You humiliated them by leaving so in their mind fair is fair.


They are sensitive and emotional people so for you two to not work out hurts them deeply, the problem is once you hurt them that is where the trouble begins. They will appear all calm and accepting on the outside, but the inside is a different matter entirely.

They will want to make you suffer and they will be extremely devious about it, people who you once thought of as friends may begin to avoid you, life will suddenly become really shitty and you can’t work out why. What has happened is behind the scene you ex has been turning people against you and before you know it you are suddenly alone.


Those who are Taurus are scary enough already without them feeling pissed about something or someone. They never back down about anything and the fact you are no longer with them has burned them. You have hurt their feelings and now they want revenge.

Forgiveness is not a word they use for them it simply doesn’t exist. They will hunt you and haunt you until they are satisfied that they have burned you as much as you burned them.


Virgo’s are obsessive creatures by their very nature. Everything has to be just so and watch out if it’s not. They are also secretive and hide their feelings very well, that is why some people view Virgo’s as cold individuals.

They won’t be openly revengeful but they will use passive-aggressive tactics on you that will mess with your head and leaving you feeling pretty shitty about yourself. For them that is the ultimate revenge, dishing up to you what you were so happily willing to dish out to them.