The 5 Zodiac Signs That Will Always Fight You And Win Every Time

Some of us are lovers, not fighters and that is no bad thing.

These 5 signs fight for what they believe in by any means available to them, that’s just how they roll.


Aries is competitive in everything they do, they fight to win and should you find yourself in a situation of fighting with them, give up now, seriously just give up as they are relentless until they win.

They are born leaders especially in the work environment and will often be seen as project leaders and fast-tracking to management positions.

They do have a sense of humor and use it to alleviate any tense situation, do not be fooled by this as they are just giving you a false sense of security until you admit defeat. All this being said they do have a positive energy about them and that energy is what makes them a winner, they also intimidate people as that’s just how they are.


Witty, talks for hours makes your head spin are some of the traits of Gemini, but don’t be deceived as whilst all this chatter is going on, they have plans of mass destruction going on in their heads, they will always be one step ahead of you, sometimes more.

You are wasting your time starting a fight with them as to them they are always right, you are always wrong and they will win no matter the costs, even if it costs them a relationship or friendship.

What makes matters worse is when you give into them, they gloat about their triumph and your defeat, they really can be assholes at times.


They so confident that everyone will agree with them that when someone doesn’t their roar of anger can be heard for miles, they get so incensed and see any challenge as a betrayal. They have pride and just like a lion will make sure everyone hears them.

If someone should be brave enough to start a fight with them, they are so convincing in what they say and do that they convince the person they have lost the fight before it has really even begun. This is extremely frustrating especially when the person who stood up to them is in the right.

They are not leaders but they do like to take the leadership role whether it has been given to them or not, they have even been known to take someone’s role away from them in a deceitful manner just so they look good to their boss and they notch it up to yet another battle won.


Total control freaks with a large dose of demon wrapped up inside. Be very careful what you say and do around them as they are constantly analysing you and seeing what they can benefit from you.

They will watch your every move, they will remember every conversation word for word, they will let you talk yourself silly and then boom they are in for the attack. They fire at you everything you said so fast your brain will want to explode, and should you say ‘I never said that’ they will keep at you until you admit defeat and they declare themselves the winner.

They will always win due to this behavior as quite frankly no one really wants to challenge them as to do so would have everything you have ever said thrown back in your face.


Passionate in nature means their fights are just as passionate, there is no filter, no holding back and they will not keep their mouth shut just to keep the peace, if it needs to be said they will say it and any fights can go on for hours, even days until it is conceded that they are correct and everyone else is wrong.

They always speak their mind and they have to have the last word, they will watch your body language and as they see you become more defensive, frustrated and angry they will tap into those emotions whilst staying calm, this is their way of making you look like some psycho whilst they remain in a positive light.