The 7 Most Common Relationship Issues For Each Zodiac Sign

We all have problems in our relationships and each zodiac sign has certain problems that are common to them.

Relationships always have challenges that’s how they evolve and grow or fade and die off.

Knowing what the problems could be will help avoid them by facing them before they become an issue or knowing them will help you to make informed decisions on where you want your relationship to go.

The 7 Most Common Relationship Issues For Each Zodiac Sign:


  1. You have a very short fuse.
  2. You are a very ‘my way or no way’ kind of person.
  3. You tend to act before you think.
  4. You are too competitive and only you can be the winner.
  5. You are often not the best at letting go and so you carry a lot of baggage.
  6. You have zero patience.
  7. You lack the ability to know that making time for those that matter goes a long way.


  1. You keep all your emotions bottled uptight.
  2. You are as expected due to your sign stubborn as a bull.
  3. You hate change of any kind.
  4. You are unable to just let things go and put your energy into revenge tactics.
  5. You get jealous very easily.
  6. You love possessions more than people.
  7. You avoid people who may not have their life fully together missing out on the possibility of a great relationship as it takes too much effort.


  1. You demand lots of affection in your relationships so people view you as clingy.
  2. You talk so much people can’t hear themselves think.
  3. You get bored easily so are very fickle when it comes to love.
  4. Your view is that you own who you are in a relationship with.
  5. You tend to pick a lot of fights to get attention and because you are bored.
  6. You don’t like repetition so if the relationship begins to feel too samey to you, then you end it as quickly as it began.
  7. You can’t handle people who are lazy in love, you want excitement not routine.


  1. You give all you have straight off.
  2. You have little respect for boundaries.
  3. You are very possessive and insecure.
  4. You are very clingy and much to needier than most others can handle.
  5. You can be extremely moody.
  6. You lose sight of what’s important in your relationship early on.
  7. You wear your heart on your sleeve and that can put people off you.


  1. You overwhelm people.
  2. You are extremely arrogant.
  3. Your possessions are more important than people.
  4. You are all about yourself and your partner comes second.
  5. You demand more attention than you are prepared to give.
  6. You can be aggressive and lash out.
  7. You apply pressure on your partner if you don’t get your own way.


  1. You are critical of your partner about most things.
  2. You fall in love easily but you fall out of love just as easily if they don’t live up to your expectations.
  3. You have no idea how to remove toxicity in your life so mix with the wrong people.
  4. You are a workaholic and leave little room for couple time.
  5. You’re worrying all the time and this will stress your partner and put a strain on the relationship.
  6. You close down your emotions which you often ignore.
  7. You say things you don’t mean in anger.


  1. You give in to what your partner wants all the time even though you know you shouldn’t.
  2. You stay late at work to avoid any pending confrontation at home.
  3. You are not good at alone time, so, therefore, disrespect your partners need for their own alone time.
  4. You speak before you think.
  5. You can’t make up your mind when it comes to relationships.
  6. You are a terrible liar, but instead of telling the truth you lie to see what you can get away with.
  7. You do too much for people who really don’t care about you leaving your partner thinking something is going on.


  1. You close people off and keep them at arm’s length.
  2. You lose interest in relationships far too quickly.
  3. You are not given to trusting others easily and can be very secretive.
  4. You get very jealous and possessive.
  5. You are the worst for expressing yourself so leave your partner confused.
  6. You never let anything go, ever.
  7. You let the smallest things get to you and you let it stew until you explode.


  1. You have no patience.
  2. You can’t handle partners who are clingy.
  3. You want to be single but have all the good parts of a relationship with someone, talk about cake and eating it!
  4. You make promises that you can’t keep.
  5. You have no idea of boundaries so walk all over people that do have them.
  6. You say what you think whether it’s right or not, your filter button is permanently broken.
  7. You get bored very quickly and lack consideration of other people’s feelings.


  1. You never forgive anything.
  2. You always jump to conclusions.
  3. You want to keep everyone happy so ignore your own needs.
  4. You act like a know it all and people don’t like that.
  5. You are terrible at communicating when in a relationship.
  6. You get hurt easily, but then make excuses for that hurt rather than face the problem head-on.
  7. You have no limits.


  1. You’re too independent and have no idea how to compromise.
  2. You hold back rather than express your emotions.
  3. You won’t fight for someone if they want to go then as far as you’re concerned let them go.
  4. You will not forgive anyone who breaks promises to you.
  5. You believe no one truly understands you.
  6. You don’t like talking about the future, you just want to live in the now.
  7. When someone disagrees with you, you take it personally.


  1. You trust too easily.
  2. You need a lot of alone time, which your partner can’t understand.
  3. You hate reality unless it’s when everything is going well, so you send yourself off to your dream world for escape.
  4. You feel you put more effort into the relationship than your partner does.
  5. You can’t always express how you feel.
  6. You have a lot of friends and your partner can at times feel left out.
  7. You refuse to change plans or any decisions unless it suits you too.