The Best Women Will Never Settle, No Matter What

These women were once mindlessly fooled by the men in their lives who were too immature to commit to this woman as they were still only boys.

They were treated like an option by the men if their lives when they should have been their no.1 priority.

They were mistreated, exploited against their will and were never appreciated for all the effort they put into the relationship.

They suffered in silence until enough was enough.

Because of this they have been there and done it and learned all the lessons, the hard lessons, and that’s why this now headstrong woman will never settle for something mediocre in life.

They will no longer give second chances to any man as they will protect their hearts and will allow no one to break it again.

They have been through those dark times; they have seen men come and go as once the charm wore off, they saw them for who they truly are and how these men thought they could use them until someone better came along.

They have experienced the betrayal that cut deep when their partners refused to introduce them to their family and more often than not kept them at a distance from even being involved in their daily life.

It is because of this treatment that they are now strong women and refuse to waste even a minute of their precious time and energy on a relationship that doesn’t serve them.

If their partner isn’t giving the same level of loyalty and love to the relationship as them, then it’s time to say their farewells and they will not hesitate to do so.

They have promised themselves that they will never settle for anything but the best from a partner. They demand and rightly so a partner who will love and respect them.

They know their worth, and this knowledge has come from deep within and surviving men who had no place in their hearts, but it is always a valuable lesson as they grow.

They are strong and intelligent women and their intuition.

Their gut instinct guides them and they listen to it, when something seems off in someone or something, they become guarded and should someone try to take advantage of them, they take no prisoners.

They see the red flags and accept the harsh truth of the situation. They keep their emotions to themselves, as to know that level of intimacy takes time, trust has to be earned.

They will never again allow anyone to toy with their emotions and feelings.

And, as these women grow into who they truly are, men desire them, they want them to be only theirs, yet fail to understand that men just like them are the ones who made her turn her face away from shallow worthless relationships, for they want a relationship that is a partnership, they a no trophy women.

They know that they deserve the truthful and supportive man that professes his love to them not just in words but in the small gestures he does on a daily basis. That’s the man they want to settle with and pour their heart and soul to them.

These women guard their emotional and mental well-being as it has been hard-earned, no man will ever use them a plaything again.

These women are powerful, strong and independent, they are never lonely as they relish their solitude.

These women know that the combined effort and investment of both partners will naturally flourish the relationship and they will never settle for anything else but this.