The Creature From Hell More Commonly Known As The Male Narcissist

He burrows under your skin without you even noticing and before you know it you are infected with his vicious ever cycling disease and you wonder what you ever did in life to be given this torturous virus.

He must be the center of attention.

You’ve seen them, you just might not know you have unless you’ve engaged with a male narcissist before.

He takes over an entire room when in it. Everyone must sit up and take notice of what he is saying. He will speak over people to be heard.

He will watch for those not paying attention and single them out. He will be either cold and callous and make fun of that person or go the other way and act charming to them to get their full attention.

He will use his sexuality to manipulate others. 

He is a predator and you my dear are his prey.

Male narcissists tend to be very good-looking men, they use this to their full advantage.

They don’t care if you are in a relationship or even married, he may even go as far as to lie to your partner and say he has slept with you when he hasn’t.

They will ooze sexual vibes that fill the air around you and they will do whatever it takes to have you.

He has no respect for boundaries.

If you have boundaries and you make those boundaries clear, then the game is on for the male narcissist.

He will do everything possible to break your boundaries down, it’s fun for him, it makes him feel more in control and he just doesn’t stop.

For him, seeing you give in and allow him to walk all over your boundaries is even better than sex, for he has got under your skin and the infection is on course for a takeover.

He lacks any kind of empathy. 

He has no empathy at all it’s that simple.

For goodness sake never get sick or need emotional support with them as you will not get any or what you do get is 100% fake.

It’s a perfect time for them to burrow into you even deeper.

You’re sick or upset, your ability to fight back is low or even at zero. Oh, he may play along for a while for appearance’s sake, buying you flowers telling people around you both how he loves and supports you, sadly it’s all just part of his game plan.

Children are a threat to him or even worse toys to be played with.

He treats his children as possessions.

Something to show off when he needs to, trust me no narcissists will ever be Father of the year.

They are an inconvenience to him, and should his children excel at anything then he will stamp on them from a great height as no one can be better at anything than him.

He will work away at any confidence they may have until there is none, it’s abuse, emotional abuse and he knows it is.

If you are better at something than they are watch out. 

Most men would be so proud of their partner being promoted at work and would shout it from the rooftops and celebrate.

Nope not a male narcissist he will be envious of your achievement, he will make wild accusations against you to others of how you got the promotion, some may even go as far as to say you slept your way to your promotion.

Welcome to the world of the narcissist smear campaign.

You are their woman toy. 

He looks upon you like a puppet and he is the only one who can pull on your strings.

He will constantly manipulate you to his own ends.

He will only keep you around for as long as he needs you, once you have served his needs then he will cut the strings.

You can usually tell when he is getting bored and about to move on as the contact will become less, even if you live with them.

He will have already got his next victim lined up. 

He creates harems and loves the harm it brings. 

Male narcissists literally have a harem of women and 9 times out of 10 each woman has no idea about the other unless of course, it suits his needs for that type of exposure such as a quick exit from one ‘relationship’ to another.

His off pat response to any questions about other women he seems just a little too friendly with is always’ they are just friends, why are you jealous’.

He will love that you appear jealous when the reality is, you’re suspicious he is cheating and looking for a quick way out for yourself.

He is dangerous, his temper is legendary. He is sadistic and a bully.

Never underestimate a narcissist they truly are creatures from hell.

Their temper has no boundary, it is quick to rise and brutal in its attack.

Not all use physical abuse as they quite simply put have a real aversion to prison time, they won’t be the kingpin in there, more likely someone’s bitch.

Once you no longer serve their needs then the smear campaign increases, as they love to see you suffer.

They lie, they cheat, they steal, they abuse, they are just evil, but they are also weak.

Stand up to a male narcissist and they won’t like it, and yes, things may get worse for a while, but eventually, they do give up when you can no longer feed their dark soul.

Tell everyone you know what he has done, never feel shame, protect yourself and in exposing the narcissist you have shown just how strong you are.

Above all know what has happened because of them is never your fault.