The ‘Deadliest Sins’ Of The Narcissist

We’ve all seen movies that are portraying narcissists and if you’ve lived through a real-life experience you sit there thinking this is no way like real life, as nothing can truly portray that period in your life.

Narcissists attempt to live a normal life, but to them, ‘normal’ is what they decide it to be. They build a fantasy world and pull their victims into this world and it’s a world that leaves you thinking ‘I’m living in hell’.

Narcissists can bring even the strongest people into their imaginary world as they are that good a convincing people what is ‘real’, the reality is you have entered the realm of the narcissists deadliest sins.

  1. Remorseless

Narcissists have absolutely no remorse for their actions. They enjoy inflicting pain on others be that through emotional, verbal, or physical abuse. They don’t care what the effect is on you they will just walk all over your life and to them they own you.

  1. Entitled

Narcissists believe that the world owes them everything as they are the superior beings. They believe everything should be handed to them on a plate and if it isn’t, they will simply take what they want. If you have something they want, like a good career they will mirror all you do, take credit for your work, and then suddenly you find yourself looking at your career in tatters as you are no longer viewed as the one that excels but the narcissist is.

  1. Shamelessness

Narcissists feel no shame in regards to anything they say or do. They have no conscience at all. They think nothing of acting in a way that makes you appear foolish, incompetent, even raise concerns about your mental well-being, then claim it is all a joke and you’re being oversensitive, all the while keeping their composure so that from the outside looking in it does look like you are the one with the problems.

  1. Arrogance

Narcissists are very conceited people and as far as they are concerned the only person that matters is themselves. This can be a warning sign you are dealing with a narcissist but isn’t always an easy one to spot straight away as they keep their mask on and the game in play until they get bored of pretending and want the mind games to get into full swing.

  1. Manipulative

Narcissists are experts at manipulating people into doing what they want. They will find out your innermost secrets and use this against you into blackmailing you into doing their bidding as they threaten to tell your secret if you don’t. This is often used in revenge tactics that can have devastating consequences.

  1. Emotional Shallowness

Narcissists lack emotions, the only emotions they display are what they see other people do, so they mirror them, they are very alike to psychopaths in this aspect. They can’t connect with people; they just pretend to and you will even see signs of this early on but pass it off as awkwardness or shyness.

  1. Impulsivity

Narcissists have always been thought of as control freaks which in most cases they are, but they have been known to act impulsively at times when they know they are about to be exposed for who they truly are and this is when they are at their most dangerous as exposure is the only thing they fear.