The Downside Side Of Being The Girl Who Sees Only The Good In People

You’re a good person, so you expect other people to be good too. You have this tendency of giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking at them as a way better person than they actually are. You block all the wrongs they’ve done to you, and you easily forgive and forget. You run around giving second chances to people who don’t deserve them, thinking they’ll change but everything remains the same.

You’re the type of person who’ll keep on caring and loving people around you no matter what; You’ll keep on trusting them. You let everyone in because you trust their intentions. You make it so easy for them to break the walls around you. You’re always available for them, and constantly giving to them makes you forget about yourself.

It’ll never end and you’ll never learn from all the bad experiences, will you?

Being good makes you forget that there can be cruel people around you. It makes you blind towards people that are negative and it will probably bring toxicity in your life. You can never understand that people around you are self-centred, narcissistic and evil. No matter how many changes you give them, they’ll always take you for granted. They wait for people like you to enter their lives so they can feed on your energy.

Stop expecting people to be there for you just because you were there for them when they needed someone. Don’t think that they won’t ever be disloyal to you just because you were loyal to them. You’re a perfect example of the little red riding hood that trusted the wolf just because she believed that the bad in people doesn’t exist.

It seems as if you’ve forgotten what it’s like being broken so soon. Don’t you remember what happened? What you went through?
Do you remember how no one was there for you all the times you needed a shoulder to cry on? No one was there to listen to you. No one told you everything was going to be okay or that you’ll be fine.

You had to cope up with everything yourself, all on your own. They forgot about all the times you had been there for them and probably made excuses about how they had something more important than your emotional trauma. You probably believed them when they said it because you’re too naïve to ever understand that they never planned on being there for you.

It broke you to see the people you relied on walk away. You blamed yourself all along for their actions and you kept thinking about what went wrong. They left you with nothing when they should’ve been there for you. You know you deserved the love and care in return for all that you gave them selflessly.

The pain is beyond measure and I know because I’ve been through it myself. They made you question everything, even your existence. You make excuses for why the people who are supposed to love you most aren’t there for you when you need them. You gave them benefit of the doubt thinking they would’ve never left you hanging if they weren’t really in some sort of a problem. You always justified their behavior and decided to forgive them.

And here’s the stupidest part of all, not only did you forgive, but you even forgot the mistakes they made. You let them in your life again. You never get enough of giving yourself, your love and care to other people. You’re the energy everyone needs in their life. Even though you’ve been treated like crap so many times, it still didn’t turn you into a heartless person. You’re still the same giving person.

You can’t give up who you really are and you’ll always make these same mistakes, just like you have been forever. You’ll give your best to everyone – even the people who don’t deserve it. You’re broken on the inside, but that smile on your face will never wear off.

You’ll never understand why and how people are mean because you’re not like them – you’ll never be like them.