The Famous Ice Hotel In Lapland Is Celebrating Its 30th Anniversary This Year.

With it being such a big anniversary for the hotel this year they have gone bigger than before and have had 33 artists design a room in the hotel and it looks spectacular.

The hotel has welcomed more than one million guests since it opened 30 years ago and uses 1,000 blocks of ice to build.

Thinking of staying for yourself? A three-night stay with Discover The World costs $1,400 per person.

From an ice-carved observation deck to a frozen bar, here are the exciting new designs at the hotel you can stay in this year.

Former Creative Director at Icehotel Jens Thoms Ivarsson and stonemason Mats Nilsson designed the Main Hall

Ceremony Hall: Gingko

The Ceremony Hall celebrates the Chinese Ginkgo Tree and has 30 stars carved into the ceiling, It was designed by Nina and Johan Kauppi from Sweden

Ice Bar: Torneland

The fairground frozen bar celebrates fun and festivity with a hot air balloon and carousel sculpture.
French designers Luc Vosin and Mathieu Brison were the brains behind the room.

The Day After

The Day After was created by art director Marjolein Vonk from the Netherlands and sculptor Maurizio Perron from Italy
The Day After is a “tribute to all the crazy ideas that were born during late-night soirées”


Jörgen Westin, from Sweden and Daniel Rosenbaum, from Australia/Canada, were behind Subterranean.
A huge ice insect can be found next to the bed.

Feline Lair

Canadian artists Brian McArthur and Dawn Detarando created the cat-themed room. The feline room is created entirely from ice and snow and has a “guardian” in front of the bed.

Ruossut – The Light You Can Hear

All of the senses are triggered in the room with sound and touch. Swedish artists Anna Öhlund and John Pettersson wanted to room to resemble the Arctic experience.

Clear Water

Clear Water discuses the lion pride and the importance of pure water credit: AnnaSofia_Mååg-Niklas_Byman-Photo_Asaf_Kliger

ECHOS of the Torne River

The ice and snow used at the hotel is created from the Torne River, which is replicated from the designer’s experience of the water. Francisco Cortés Zamudio, from Chile/Germany, was behind the design

White Santorini

White Santorini mimics the famous Greek island. The room was designed by Haemee Han, a landscape architect from the US/South and Korea Jaeyual Lee, architect, US

Bone Room

Bone Room celebrates the natural melting process of the Icehotel each spring to highlight the cycle of life, designed by Artist Robert Harding who is one of the few British designers on the project.

Spring Dream

The hotel melts naturally in the spring, returning to Torne River, and the room wants to remind of the energy of spring after winter. Artists ZhaoLei and ZhaoYong, from China, created the room.

Golden Ice

The idea was “an invitation to a journey through the golden light, into a different reality” Nicolas Triboulot, a designer from France and Jean-Marie Guitera a sound and game designer from Australia worked on the room.


An entirely glass kaleidoscope is found within the concept room, designed to be “hypnotic” Japanese ice sculptors Natsuki Saito and Shingo Saito were the brains behind the concept.

A Night At The Theatre

The West End theatre was the inspiration behind the room. Production designer Jonathan Paul Green and art student Marnie Green are from the UK

Tip Of The Iceberg

Franziska’s idea was “the deeper meaning is not evident on the surface, but shines through implicitly”. Franziska Agrawal is an industrial designer and artist from Germany

The 6th Feeling

The sixth sense is a big theme in the room with the large eyes and hands to “protect” you. Russian sculptors Vladimir and Ekaterina Barsukova created the room