The Ideal Man For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone wants to find their true love, the special one who will make life perfect.

You can search forever or maybe if you took a deeper look into the zodiac signs the one might just be found that way.


You are ambitious and passionate about life.

Your ideal partner will inspire you to make your dreams a reality.

Your partner must be able to challenge you daily regarding your intellect.

He will be equal to you in all things as an inferior partner just doesn’t do it for you.


We all know those under this sign are stubborn, ironically, it’s your stubbornness that makes you creative.

Your ideal partner will need to be your muse and who will encourage your creativity and keep your juices flowing.

He will also need to know that when you make decisions they are final.


Your ideal partner will need to be someone who keeps you grounded as you are the messy one of the zodiacs, you constantly jump from one decision to another and make people’s heads spin.

He will work with you to make you stick to your decision and stop your restless behavior.

He will be happy to go along for the ride with you, but be guided by him when he says it’s time to get off.


You are a delicate little flower, sensitive and your soulmate will need to understand that you need taking care off.

You will be best friends and will find refuge in each other.

He will help create a safe world for you both to live in.


You are territorial and proud.

Your ideal partner will need to be the same.

He will make sure everyone knows you are soulmates and that you are his entire world.


My goodness are you the perfectionist.

Your ideal partner will need this trait too.

You give unconditional love and you expect it in return.

You feed each other spiritually as well as emotionally and your bond once made is hard to break by anyone.


You must be totally and utterly in love with your partner to be satisfied.

You analyse everything which can drive some partners crazy.

Your ideal partner is warm, funny and loving. Passion plays a key part in a successful relationship as it keeps things interesting.


You keep to yourself until you are ready to have a relationship.

You use the time to get to know the prospective partner.

Your ideal partner is open with you, heart and soul needs to be on display on both sides.


You are restless and are not really one to settle down.

If you do take the decision to settle down it will be with someone who has peaked your desire for a settled life.

Your ideal partner is fun with a touch of sarcasm that appeals to your nature.


You are so ambitious you will do anything to achieve your goals and this makes you quite a challenging person.

Your ideal partner will need to be on the same wavelength.

If they can’t or won’t support your desire to achieve then it won’t make for a happy match, so stick with the one who feeds your soul.


Your ideal partner with need to share your vision and goals in life.

He will need to be patient whilst you get your work done, then whisk you off for a romantic dinner.

He will always support you and will not hold back telling you how much he loves you.


You can be a right negative Nancy and for no reason at all.

Your ideal partner will show you the good in life and help you to become positive.

Your ideal partner will work through your darker times and will show you love and light.