The Kind Of Sister You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sisters! Love them or hate them they play a big part in our lives.


You desire to be the best sister possible the problem is you can’t be as you are far too hot headed which makes you extremely bossy. Everything has to be done your way and you love to bark orders to your siblings which can cause friction. You are pretty selfless which is at odds with your bossy nature and you forget to take your siblings thoughts into consideration.


You can be a great sister; you are full of fun and do act responsibly at the same time. You do watch out for your siblings and if you see them getting up to something that could cause them problems you will warn them to be careful of their actions. You are loving and kind with a big heart and your siblings are lucky to have you.


You are a challenge for your siblings as they never know what mood you will be in as you change your mood and mind so often. You are known as the cool down to earth sister and wouldn’t give a second thought to getting up to some shenanigans with your siblings and if necessary, take the blame if caught out by your parents.


You watch over your siblings as a mother hen watches over her chicks. No one will get away with hurting your siblings as your family means the most to you. You keep in touch with everyone and if needed you will be the peacemaker for any fights that break out.


You stand up for your siblings whether they are in the right or wrong. You have their back period and wouldn’t even think to ask them for an explanation. You are their role model and they look up to you. If you have sisters you let them borrow your clothes without any fighting about it as you take their requests to borrow your stuff and a compliment.


You are a caring sister and should your siblings be struggling in any way you will stop what you are doing to help them out. You will listen to their worries and give advice when they ask for it but never force your opinion on them. You are a nurturing soul but you also have a bit of a nasty side and are not afraid to show it.


You love spending time with your siblings, you actually prefer it to spending time with your friends as for you, your siblings are your best friends. Harmony and peace are important to you and should there be any arguments going on between your siblings you do all you can to be the peacemaker.


You fight with your siblings, a lot! Yet you are very protective over them, family means everything and their feelings and safety come first in your eyes. You are different from your siblings so can be thought of as a bit of an oddball. You will fight with them from time to time, but also know that you can’t live without them, so despite your hot-headed nature, you will often be the one to make peace first.


You love to embarrass your siblings and you find it funny, they don’t so much! Your siblings will often dread public events as they know you will no doubt say or do something that will cause embarrassment. You can be wise and your siblings know this and will come to you for advice.


You love your family and are very traditional in your outlook when it comes to your family. You can at times work yourself into a frenzy of keeping in touch with everyone. You are the sister that everyone looks up to and looks at you as their role model.


You are not just your sibling’s sister you are their best friend too. You are the one they know they can count on to be there when they need you. You have never let them down and they admire and love you for it. You are extremely honest and will never lie just to save your siblings feelings.


You are your siblings’ best friend. You’re loyal, honest and reliable and they love that about you. They know if they need you that you would drop everything to be there to help them. You give great advice and they known you make sense in what you have to say. You treat them with compassion at all times even when they have pissed you off.