The Men Who Leave Without Saying A Word Are The Biggest Cowards

As children, our first few words we are taught is mama, daddy, hello and goodbye, for some reason those early lessons get forgotten by some men who think it is okay to just walk out of your life without a word and disappear for a time, in some cases forever.

Leaving a relationship you are in without a single word is at best disrespectful and at worst soul-destroying and proving you are nothing but a damn coward.

When someone leaves without saying goodbye the damage runs deep and is emotionally destructive. It doesn’t help that unless you are actually living together it could be a few days before someone even knows they have been left.

I’m sure we’ve all read the stories and news reports of ‘man leaves family without a word’ or missing person reports are done and concerns are that the missing person is at risk for them to contact the authorities to say they are not missing and then the poor police officers have to tell the family they are not missing they have been abandoned.

You had this whole life with a person, your future mapped out that involved the two of you. You believe that this person loves and respects you, and that life is good.

When they leave without a word you are left wondering what went wrong, did you do something so bad that they can’t even be an adult and tell you they are leaving as they are no longer happy in the relationship?

One minute you’re a couple, then next you are alone and abandoned with no explanation whatsoever.

The person you were building this life with is nothing but a coward, the biggest and worse kind.

You are left with zero closure, stunned and confused and the question will haunt you forever ‘why did they leave’?

Now you have to face life without them, wondering will they come back, how can you move on?

When someone leaves in this way the only thing you can really do is move on with your life, it’s no good putting everything on hold in the hope they may come back, you have every right to move on with your life and you certainly owe no one an explanation.

They ended the relationship the moment they abandoned you without so much as a ‘goodbye’.

Yes, you will miss them, and there will be this little glimmer of hope they will return but ask yourself do you really want to take them back if they do as you will forever have in the back of your mind what if they leave me again.

You deserve more than a life of what ifs and insecurities. Why should you be left hanging on something that isn’t doing you any good.

He was brave enough to say hello to you, he was brave enough to build a life with you, so why wasn’t he brave enough to say goodbye.

You may spend all your time thinking about the run-up to him leaving and you may now see signs were there that at the time that you didn’t notice before, if someone isn’t honest enough to tell you what they are thinking how are you supposed to know something is wrong, you’re not a mind reader.

The only thing you can do now is to give yourself the closure, say goodbye to them and live your life.