The Most Toxic Couples Of The Zodiac That Shouldn’t Be Together, EVER!

Phew, these couples are just plain dangerous!

Leo and Cancer

In theory, these are a perfect match, but the practice is very different, things are absolutely not as they seem with this couple. They have this wild chemistry that pulls them together and once together reality gets very ugly.

Leos are by their very nature critical people and Cancers take criticism very seriously. Together they pick people apart especially anyone they view as a danger to their existence.

They rip apart people, mock them, make fun of them, spread rumors and lies ensuring that person is alienated by everyone around them.

Once they have got rid of those, they feel are a threat and there is no one else they become bored and start on each other, they are aggressive tearing each other apart and the ending is never pretty.

Sagittarius and  Taurus

This combination never works for long as they are far too similar to each other, they see each other’s flaws and hate it as it is like looking in a mirror for them and they know it.

Oddly they are loyal to each other and should one of them feel someone is a threat to the other they literally go to war, making that person’s life a living hell.

The Sagittarius of the pair enjoys playing mind games on the Taurus and in time drive the Taurean crazy as hell.

Neither of them has any idea about compromise, but they do know how to make each other miserable which impacts those around them.

Sagittarius and Cancer

It is absolutely illogical for these two to be together as they have nothing in common at all.

Cancers are the stay at home type whereas Sagittarius love to go out and party and this is where the clashing of mind occurs.

Accusations of affairs abound which drives a wedge between them and often leads to cheating as the view is if I’m accused of it, I might as well do it.

Despite all this should someone upset either one of them, they gang up together and they are extremely brutal in their attacks and have no conscience about it.

Geminin and Pisces

Pisces are extremely selfish when it comes to relationships, they want their partner all to themselves and a relationship with a Gemini is doomed to fail as they are outgoing adventurous people.

Geminis are outrageous flirts, and this drives the Piscean crazy and will lead to confrontation, fights and at times even physical violence.

The claws come out with them both and they put all their energy into inflicting as much hurt as possible.

The mind games they play on each other are extremely cruel and they laugh at each other’s reactions, yet deep down they do feel pain but are too proud to show it.

Taurus and Taurus 

This combination fights all day, every day. People looking in on this relationship can’t believe the spectacle playing out in front of them.

This relationship will go down in flames and there is no phoenix from the ashes with these two.

Both signs are aggressively passionate so they clash, Taurus likes to be in charge so with both wanting to be in charge they will constantly fight for the upper hand, as soon as one has the upper hand against the other, another fight will start and on it goes.

Hot tempers, aggression and no fear for who they hurt these two are the most toxic couple of all.