The Nasty AF Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

Everyone has traits about themselves that they don’t like that’s normal, but when your traits actually piss people off it could be due to the sign you were born under.


You have this desire to always be the centre of attention and when someone raises that with you and tells you that you are an attention whore you get defensive, even aggressive but deep down you know they are right.


You are extremely stubborn and this can rub people up the wrong way. You rarely take other people’s opinions into consideration and think the only right way or opinion is yours, this can lead you to alienate people.


You are well known for being two-faced and you never shut up. You are well known as a gossip and this is where you get the reputation from for being two-faced. You think nothing of talking about someone yet are all sweetness and light to that person’s face.


You can be a right old cry baby. You think everyone should treat you with kid gloves as you are so sensitive, truth is you are not as sensitive as you think because if you were you would consider other people’s feelings and not just your own.


You are similar to Aries and you can’t stand it if someone disrespects you or show you, they really don’t like you. You have to accept not everyone is going to like you and just because they don’t like you doesn’t mean they are disrespecting you, grow up and accept you are not the most popular kid on the street.


You are so bossy and controlling and that is the root of your problem. You can be organized without having to control those around you. Concentrate on getting your own life in order before criticizing others. You can be seen as manipulative because of these traits.


You hate confrontation of any kind; all you want is peace and quiet but real life isn’t like that. Your attitude of I refuse to fight can really annoy your partner when a good old clearing the air is needed, after all, fights can be productive especially in a relationship.


You hold grudges for all eternity and it is a trait that is unhealthy for yourself and those around you. It builds up resentment on both sides and you see any behavior that doesn’t fit your little world as a weakness. Those around you are not weak they are in fact stronger than you and you don’t like it.


You believe yourself to be the smartest one of your group and this is not the case, no one likes a know-it-all and this is why friction can happen. Take a step back and learn from others around you and for goodness sake shut up and listen you might learn something new.


There is nothing wrong with being ambitious but you take it to the extreme and have been known to walk all over someone to get what you want. Having goals you want to reach is awesome, walking over the people around you to achieve them is not.


You seem to lack the ability to connect with the real world, you are a hopeless romantic and dream of how you wish the world to be. Reality is something you struggle with and this can cause you to have no real connection to those around you.


You can be a needy person and expect full attention and sympathy from those around you all the time. You drain people and should someone tell you to get your shit sorted and stop feeling sorry for yourself you really don’t like a healthy dose of the truth.