The Perfect Pooch For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We often look to our zodiac to see what they have to say about potential partners, career or money, but have you ever wondered which breed of dog is your perfect match?

According to the zodiac, each sign does have a perfect pooch match, to find out which is yours carry on reading.

Aries – German Shepherd

You have endless energy and people often can’t tell what you will do next. You are fearless and loyal. The perfect match for you is the German shepherd this is down to their loyalty, protective spirit and active nature.

Taurus – Chihuahua

You typically like the finer things in life, you love to wear the latest fashion and dine at the finest restaurants. The perfect match for you is the Chihuahua, they are known as the cute and adorable accessory and like you, they are larger than life, so what they lack in size they make up for in stature.

Gemini – Golden Retriever

You love companionship and you are well known for your communication skills and making sure everyone knows when you are around. Your perfect match is the Golden retriever. They are friendly, outgoing dogs who can’t be missed when they are around as they are full of energy and loyal.

Cancer – Greyhound

You love to take care of people and have a lot of patience with those you love, you wear your heart on your sleeve which can sometimes lead to heartache. Your perfect match is the Greyhound. They are well known for their sweet and good-natured temperament and are sadly the ones found at the pound once their racing days are over, they make great family pets as they understand that the racing life is over and are grateful to be a loving new home.

Leo – Havanese

You tend to look at the world as a glass-half-full attitude, you have a big heart and are warm-spirited with those you care about. The perfect match for you is a Havanese they love everything and everyone. They don’t like to be left alone for too long which is exactly how a Leo behaves.

Virgo – Chow Chow

You are dedicated, hardworking, extremely resourceful and those around you know they can count on you. The perfect match for you is a Chow-Chow. These dogs were bred in China for the purpose of hunting and herding so are reliable which is exactly what a Virgo is well known for.

Libra – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

You are a charming graceful person with a romantic aura about you, the world is full of possibilities for you but you can be cautious about life decision. The perfect pooch for you is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, they have amazing round eyes, long flowing ears and love to cuddle up to their owners, they are great company and as long as you give then plenty of TLC they will be happy and content.

Scorpio – Border Collie

You are an intense and passionate individual and your personality draws people to you. You are loyal and protective to those you love which can sometimes be confused with possessiveness. The perfect pooch for you is the Border Collie. They love to be close and loving to their owners and as you are well known for enjoying going out for a run to keep fit, they make the perfect running partner as they are full of energy.

Sagittarius – Jack Russell Terrier

You always look on the bright side of life, you are full of energy and often run full pelt into things rather than take some time to consider your actions. The perfect pooch for you is a Jack Russell Terrier. They may be small but they are always up for doing something with you, they have so much energy so need plenty of exercise so make great hiking buddies.

Capricorn – Basset Hound

You are well known for your serious, hardworking nature, you have a goal and nothing is going to stop you from achieving that goal. You tend to have a look on your face that could be called ‘a resting stink face’. The perfect pooch for you is the Basset Hound and let’s be honest here if any dog has a resting stink face it’s a Basset Hound they are focused too, they see something and that’s it nothing will distract them unless they want to be distracted.

Aquarius – Shar-Pei

You are a deep and guarded individual, you prefer time alone away from the noise of life and you hate being the centre of attention as that makes you feel uncomfortable. The perfect pooch for you is the strange-looking Shar-pei which when translated from Chinese means ‘sand-skin’. These dogs are extremely guarded and independent and prefer time alone unless its time for dinner or a short walk.

Pisces – English Bulldog

You are a compassionate person and you feel everything and the feelings of those around you. They make sure that your loved ones know how much you love them and that love is unconditional. Your perfect pooch is the English bulldog. They are loving and devoted to their owners and can sense your mood and will stick by your side no matter what.