The Reason Why Some People Are A Bigger B*tch Could Be Down To Their Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered why someone acts like a total bitch and often with what appears to be no good reason, it could just be down to the zodiac sign they were born under.


Libra women who find they have a problem deal with it in a caring and loving way as they don’t have time for being a bitch as that to them causes unnecessary drama that life is too short for. They will do their best to rectify any problems in a positive way even if they end up unhappy themselves, so before you start blaming them and calling them a bitch, look at yourself as it’s more likely you are the one being a bitch.


The same as Libra they are the peacemakers in the zodiac. If you try and start a fight with them, they will simply just ignore you as they believe hurting others is not a way to be. They are true friends and will feel any pain a friend is feeling. However, be warned cross the boundaries and they will make sure you know how they feel. Are they be bitchy or truthful? Truthful is what they are and you’re no doubt being the bitch.


Often thought of as a bitch a Taurean woman is not all bitch at all. They are loving and caring, have a sensitive side which most would be surprised is there. These types of women would give their last dollar if you needed it. She is tolerant of people but watch out if you cross her boundaries as then she doesn’t play quite as nice.


This sign is well known for their patience and kindness to all around them, they have no time for mean spirited cruel people, they find that environment toxic and unhealthy. With an Aquarian woman, if she doesn’t like you, she simply doesn’t talk to you as she finds that pointless. She isn’t a bitch, but she sure knows how to handle herself if she needs to stand up for herself, she does respect people, but she respects herself more.


They can be restless and impatient but this rarely leads to aggressive behavior. They absolutely hate unfairness and they hate cruel behavior even more. They will let any bullshit someone has to say play out knowing it for what it is and then they will cut ties with that person, their view is no one has time for that kind of drama, least of all them. Their version of control is that you cease to exist for them and you will find yourself out in the cold.


They are very easy going and kind souls most of the time. There are a lot of pros and cons to a Gemini one of the cons is they love to gossip and by that, they gossip a lot! To them, it doesn’t matter if the rumors are true or false and this makes them appear bitchy but they have no idea that is how they are coming across. If they shut their mouths for a few minutes they might see what they are really like and Gemini’s are not known for looking at reality in the face.


They are driven by their mood at the time and as they can be seriously moody, you’re never really going to know what is going to come out of their mouth at any given time. On a good day, they are all sweetness and light, bad day? Take cover as she becomes a hellcat spitting fire at all who are in her path. Bitchy? Yes, but not all the time which is a relief.


Leo women are all sweetness, loving and forgiving, but be warned do not judge her as a pushover because of this. She can give you the impression she likes you when inside she is viewing you very differently. It’s a brave soul who gets confrontational with a Leo as the lioness will emerge without warning, she will rip you in two, plot some revenge and then disappear into the kitchen to bake cookies, the question is are the cookies poisoned?


The queen of passive-aggressive bitchiness, she will never say out loud and direct to you what she thinks, she will tell everyone else knowing it will get back to you. What she will say to your face is sweet sickly things about how nice you look today but then will destroy the niceness by adding on ‘It’s about time you’ve been looking a little rough lately’ Then off she will go leaving you speechless and start her round of messages to mutual friends saying what a dog’s dinner you looked.


Aries women appear passionate, kind, adventurous, caring and full of energy and people around them admire that about them. Do. Not. Buy. Into. That. She is a total crazy bitch, once this mask falls off you see the craziness in her and how vicious she can be, and she thinks nothing of tearing you to pieces for her own amusement.


This woman plays for the smart long game of bitchiness. If you upset her or any of her friends and family, she won’t physically attack you. She will sit back and quietly plot her revenge. She is calculated she will destroy your reputation first whilst still appearing to be your friend and once you find yourself alienated by everyone but her, she will simply say ‘I did that to you’ do not mess with this woman, ever.


Drum roll, please! Here is the queen of the bitches, her royal highness the queen Scorpio. Just as a scorpion she stings you hard, do not mess around with her. She is literally going to make your life a misery for any slight she feel you have given her whether it is real or imaginary. They are totally crazy and live as if permanently on PMS. They put serial killers to shame with their actions. She will even haunt your dreams. If you’re unlucky enough to know this queen of the bitches you might want to consider leaving the country to get away from her.