The Strongest Girls Are The Girls With Anxiety

I’m strong and I know I am because every single time my anxiety tells me I’m not I have to tell it to shut up, push it down deep and drag myself out of bed.

I’m strong as every single time my anxiety tells me lies, I have to set it straight, you know that little voice inside your head that tells you to have a duvet day as today is not your day.

Well fuck you I’m working on making every day my day, take that b*tch anxiety.

I’m strong because I turn up when my whole body is shaking and wishing I was back home in bed.

I’m strong because even when my voice shakes when I speak, I’m winning just by speaking.

I’m strong because I didn’t cancel my plans today, even though my anxiety is screaming in my head that I should.

Yes, being around people is too much, but it’s better than being alone and left out.

I’m strong because every damn day I turn my alarm off, get showered, get dressed, I pick up my keys and walk out the door, because life is real, and shit needs to get done.

I’m strong because I didn’t rush off to the bathroom to hide when the boss approached me to speak about a new project. I had to concentrate very hard on what they said whilst my brain is shouting ‘run and hide’.

I’m strong as I am aware, I’m self-conscious and think everyone is talking about me behind my back, they’re not but my anxiety tells me they are, perhaps sometimes they do, so fucking what.

Don’t get me wrong I have setbacks, oh wow do I have setbacks.

The days when I can’t get out of bed.

The days when opening my eyes is just too much, too taxing.

The days when every sound will grate on my last nerve and I cocoon myself in the hope of finding silence and a little peace.

But my strong days are now outnumbering the anxiety days.

I’m strong because I want to be.

I’m strong because I can be.

I’m strong because I’m one badass bitch who is out to take back control and will not allow anxiety to win.

I’m strong because I choose to be strong.

I’m strong because I’m a warrior, and never doubt that you are too.