The Things Every Verbal Abuser Expects You To Believe

Those that verbally abuse people are extremely sick individuals, and I don’t mean they are mentally sick, they are toxic poisonous and malignant and they abuse people to make themselves feel superior and boost their egos.

They work their way into our lives and into our minds and convince us of things that just aren’t true.

1. “This is all your fault”

This one they often use to bring you down; make you think everything is your fault and that you are going crazy. By bringing you down they feel better about themselves and enjoy seeing the hurt and confusion you are experiencing. They are attempting to control you as to have control over you gives them a real kick it feeds into their beliefs; they are superior to you.

2. “Don’t cry, you made me do it”

They have done something that has really hurt you and as a result of that pain, you cry, normal behavior when hurt! So they tell you that the reason you are crying is because you are the guilty party, it is your fault you made them do it to you. If they shout at you, its because you made them mad. If they cheat on you its because you no longer take care of yourself and you should consider yourself lucky, they even stay.

3. “You need my help”

They say this to convince you that you are unable to do anything without them, that only they can make decisions for you as you are not strong enough to make even the most basic decisions. They tell you that you must do things their way as if you don’t then you are clearly crazy and don’t love them at all, as if you loved them you would do as they say.

4. “Without me, you would be nothing”

One of their favorite sayings! They will tell you that if it wasn’t for them you would be alone and unloved as no one but them could possibly love an emotional wreck like you. Should you be successful in your career and was so before them, they will still take the credit and tell you that the only reason you have a good career is that they made it happen by improving you.

5. “If you behave well, I will be nice to you”

Should you fight back because you have had enough of the abuse, they turn aggressive and fill you with fear, they threaten you with consequences of your actions unless you do as you are told. They make you believe that their temper is your fault so you must behave yourself and do as you are told, if you do, they will be nice to you, and everything will be okay.

6. “You owe me a lot”

They will tell you without them you are nothing and you owe everything you have to them. All they are doing is feeding their ego and even making themselves believe that all you are and have is down to them and only them.

7. “Because of me, you are the best version of yourself”

They tell you that without them you would be nothing, they have made you into a better person, that they have educated you and improved you to the best person you could possibly be. They are literally making themselves out to be some kind of god which fits perfectly into their belief that only they are any good and everyone else is inferior.