The Truth About Dating After 30

Dating gets more complicated as we grow older our expectations of our partner are high. We have got picky and rightly so, time is precious. The older we get, the demanding and more sensible we become.

When you hit your 30s, the facts about dating are changed, and here is why 

Your partner may not be as successful as you are

In your 30’s you select what you want to do in your life and you are also successful in your field. But it’s not the case for everyone. There are many people who are on the base level of their career and struggling to fulfil their basic needs because they lack motivation and focus on their career. You two won’t get along well at all so forget dating them.

Dating from the internet is more complex

You are so busy that you look at potential matches on the internet and that has plenty of complications all of its own. Are they even truthful probably not you only have to look around to read the horror stories of people meeting someone who is nothing like their profile picture at all.

Online dating is complex yet easier

To take your time out for the people to meet is more difficult when you in your 30s. You need to manage your home, job life,  and much more. You can look at online dating to analyze whether you actually want to meet them at all.  In your 20’s you were always out so met up with people on nights out, whereas now in your 30’s most of your friend have steeled down and it’s not so easy to get a night out with the girls who are juggling children and busy home life.  

You become flexible

When you hit your 30s, you come out of the fairytale waiting for the Mr Perfect. You are now looking for Mr Real! You are not looking for Prince Charming but a man who knows all his positive and negative factors and embraces them. You are now in yourself more sensible and stable in your personality.

You don’t compromise beyond limits

Being an adult you learn to compromise a little with your standards but you can and never will compromise beyond a certain point. You know your likes and the dislikes so you won’t consider someone who isn’t even capable of being true to themselves.

Bad sex is not acceptable

When you are in your 30s, you know what your body demands from you. You are more bold about your needs hence a man of the same age should also know how to please a woman. It tends to be a bit of a deal breaker, doesn’t it?

Unpunctual behavior is not tolerable

If a man in 30s has no value for time, trust me, he has no value for his life. Time is money and 30 is a perfect age to realize it. If he can’t be on time for your date then perhaps he isn’t really one for you.

You have no tolerance for drama

A wild relationship seems amazing in your 20s but soon you hit your 30s, you have less patience for drama, faking it and lies. You want someone to act mature and sensible.

You are more straightforward and open about your thoughts

In the 30s, you are more to the point and know exactly what you mean. If you have no patience for the man you are dating say it right to his face and make it clear there will not be any more dates.  

You learn to segregate between a boy and a man

At the age of 30, men tend to get more mature and stable. But there are still mama’s boys out there who have no idea how to be and think independently. When you date in 30’s you know how to identify a mature man or a childish one.

It’s ok to be selfish at a certain point

It’s ok to be a little selfish because you need to get to a certain point in your life where Mr Right is with you.  

No dating can decide for you when you are supposed to be happy in life. No relationship can decide it for you either. If you find the right man before your 30’s, yay go you! If you’re now in your 30’s and want to settle down, do it on the terms that will make you happy and not what everyone says you should be expecting, don’t settle for second best you are worth more than that.