The Type Of Witch You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you are so inclined to follow the old ways, the type of witch you are could be down to the traits you have under your birth sign.

Aries: Elemental Witch

Although Aries is a fire sign their character traits perfectly match all the elements. They use all the elements for their magic. All their rituals have a purpose and an end game which is just how an Aries behaves in all the other aspects of their lives.

Taurus: Green Witch

Taurus has a passion for nature so it is only natural that they favor being a green witch. They enjoy working with their hands and get satisfaction from seeing something evolve from what mother nature provides.

Gemini: Eclectic Witch

Gemini’s by nature are constantly changing, they reinvent themselves the second boredom sets in. Being an eclectic witch suits them perfectly as they don’t like to follow rules and just go for what makes them happy and at peace.

Cancer: Hereditary Witch

Those born under cancer are well known for being home-loving and family-focused. Hereditary witches are those born to a long line of witches and their craft is passed down through the generations.

Leo: Solitary Witch

Leo’s are strong-willed and stubborn and at times they appear a little arrogant. They don’t like being told what to do, so the solitary witch suits them best. They believe that the magic they hold has continued through all their past lives to their present one.

Virgo: Ceremonial Witch

Virgos are extremely analytical people, they are forever reading and learning and treasure their books of knowledge. They use their knowledge to improve life for themselves and those around them. Ceremonies are a major part of their lives.

Libra: Augury Witch

Libra’s love to help people and learn as they go through life. They are keen to impart their knowledge onto others and enjoy watching that person grow into their full potential. They work in harmony with life and are extremely empathic people.

Scorpio: Druids Or Neo-Druids

Scorpio’s are very private people so the secretive nature of the Druid sect makes sense for them. Very little is written down in regards to the Druid’s. The knowledge is passed down by word and mouth.

Sagittarius: Secular Witch

Being free-spirited as a sign and as a witch is very important to a Sagittarius. They use tools and rites to conduct the earths energy, they have a healthy respect for what mother nature provides.

Capricorn: Hedge Witch

Capricorn is an earth sign; a hedge witch is a healer and takes their power from the earth. They are disciplined, ability to exercise self-control and can adapt to their environment very easily.

Aquarius: Shaman

They fight hard for what they believe in and are highly intelligent people. The Shaman uses an altered state to communicate and listens to what the spirits tell them, this influences how they are in life.

Pisces: Faery Witch

Pisceans can often be found living in their own world, this can be because their life is too hard for such a gentle soul to cope with. Faery folk speak to the spirits of nature and they see life in a way very few people can.