The Ugly Truth About Being Someone’s Second Choice When They Were Always Your First

The worst relationship is surely when you’re with someone who is unsure and confused about you. In a situation like this, you will end up damaging your self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem. It might lead you to a future of uncertainty, complexity and a path of heartbreak.

Feeling rejected and having some hope at the same time can be damaging to a person.

It’s confessing your feelings and speaking your heart out to someone with the constant fear of rejection.

It’s a never-ending wait for someone to reciprocate your feelings, but they never felt the same for you.

It is sacrificing your self-respect, integrity, and dignity for a person who never prioritized you.

It’s no wonder that it might lead you to destruction and you might damage your personality throughout this process.

It’s knowing that they will never love you like the way you do.

It’s giving up on yourself for a person who is already taken by someone else. They might make you feel loved and wanted but it’s always going to be temporary. The ugly truth is that you are always going to be their second choice. So, no matter how intense and deep your feelings are, you are always on the urge of losing and being rejected.

In such relationships, you will realize that it was always you, your effort, your love, your excitement, and chase. It’s always going to one-sided and you will never be able to get the love you deserve in return. It was always a commitment that landed you into devastation. You are always on a one-way street. Your love is undemanding and unconditional, but you know that it will always land you into grief, sorrow and long-lasting mourning.

It was always about his expectation and demand that might exploit you.

He feels no remorse and he always wants to exploit you whether it is physical, emotional or mental exploitation. On the other hand, you are unable to say “no” because of your genuine one-sided and fruitless commitment.

But for you, the commitment was everything. It was the first time you fell for someone. His appearance, personality, and aura made you feel that all your dreams came true. He made you feel excited and valuable through all those messages.

It was always your desire to become the ideal girl for him. You were always giving up on your schedules just to have some quality time with him. Deep down, he wanted you for a temporary escape and you always asked yourself “Is he the one? Isn’t it everything I’ve always wanted?” Initially, it was a magical feeling that made you believe in all those fairy tales.

It was also an endless wait, even for a single phone call. You desired to attain a response.

It was also the sentiments and the wish to feel the joy that you gave so willingly.

It was sending him your seductive pictures to attain some attention.

It was lying to everyone and creating your own imaginary world just so your bubble doesn’t get burst. But, you realized that you cannot deny it that you are his side-chick.

It was keeping yourself busy to get rid of his thoughts. It was about staying quiet when all you want to do is scream. He might tell you that we are “just friends” when you were just so happy about his “You are more than just a friend” text.

You sit wondering why you always fall for the wrong person. It’s a never-ending wish to have a one woman’s man. You are always feeling worthless and incapable of attaining joy.

Being a second choice is a never ending feeling of being broken, lost and scared. And, you don’t know a way back from it.