These 4 Women Outshine Everyone Else According To The Zodiac

Everyone woman has something about her that makes her stand out, but these 4 signs according to the zodiac outshine the other signs.

1. Libra

They are totally charming and the people around them see them for their intelligence, wit, great communication skills which make them just beautiful souls.

They always see the light even in the darkest of times and their personality shines through. They literally glow with positivity which everyone in their life benefits from.

They are outgoing and easy to talk to and make the most amazing friends. They love getting to know new people and in fact thrive on it. They are natural flirts but never take it too far unless they are romantically interested in someone.

They are generous with their time and love to compliment people so they feel understood and respected. They make dates fun and make even the most ordinary times seem extraordinary.

An all-around great woman to have in your life.

2. Leo

You either love them or hate them there is no middle ground when it comes to a woman born under Leo.

They are admired by men and in some cases hated by women as they are envious of her.

They ooze confidence and this is what makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

They never settle for second best and they will not entertain players in their circle, should a man try to play her she quickly shows him the door and you can be guaranteed she will make sure the door hits him on the ass on his way out.

They have high standards and wants what is best for themselves and those they love.

They make the most amazing friends and incredible life partners. They never stab someone in the back if they have something to say they say it to the person so you won’t find her gossiping period.

3. Scorpio

They are full of charisma and this is what makes them appealing to the opposite sex. They radiate pure sexual energy and have a high sex drive, so their partners have to at least match it should they not then it doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

This doesn’t mean they are of loose morals far from it, they just know what they want and go after it.

They are incredibly loyal and there is nothing fake about them, and they won’t tolerate fake people either.

They can appear a little mysterious but they are not they just keep their feelings to themselves until they are ready to express them.

They love to have fun and seize every opportunity to make life fun and enjoyable and that makes them amazing to be around.

4. Virgo

These women are pretty clueless at how attractive they are to the opposite sex. They are down to earth, charming and funny, they are also very intelligent and can hold their own in any conversation.

They have great intuition and can see through people very quickly this is what people love about them but those that try and fake it, hate it as it means she will call them out on their shit.

Let them down once and that is it you are done, she never allows herself to be put in that position again with you, so keep honest and you will be okay.

She rarely falls in love quickly; she likes to take her time getting to know someone first but once she is sure you are the right one, she gives herself to you completely.

She is a great friend and is often the one who’s sought out for advice as her friends know she will be honest with them no matter what.

She is very compassionate with everyone; she hates to see her friends hurting in any way and can be seen doing all she can to help them heal their pain.