These 5 Zodiac Signs Are More Likely To Drunk Text Than Any Of The Other Signs

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all received those dreaded text messages at stupid O’clock usually a ‘Hey how are you’? followed by a smiley face and we groan, or when we wake up and look at our phone we just want to curl up and die when we see we text ‘them’.

Drunk texting the worst of the worst ideas yet seems a good one when we are under the influence. It could be down to our zodiac sign why we do it. These signs seem to do it most, maybe time to cut down the booze!

1. Cancer

Those born under the sign of Cancer are already emotional people top that up with copious amounts of alcohol and the emotions become more intense, develop loose lips or in this case loose fingers and whatever they are thinking comes out.

They tend to send long text messages, full of typos and emoji’s where they are telling you they miss you, and if they were the ones who broke it off what a mistake they have made and could you meet up.

The kicker is with them in 9 out of 10 cases should you reply and they see it when they wake up with an almighty hangover, they are regretting sending that text message and are now laying there dying not only due to the hangover but because they sent you ‘that’ text message. Best to ignore any texts from the Cancer ex as it could get embarrassing for you both.

2. Aries

Those born under the sign of Aries do bottle things up so when they get drunk and all inhibitions leave the building any resentment, they may feel about your break up is going to come at you via a long text, especially if it was a bad break up and they were left extremely hurt.

The text will consist of everything you did wrong and how you made them unhappy and believe me it will be a long list of what they have on their mind and everything will be your fault.

They will just like everyone who drunk texts regret sending it in the morning or they may just feel that you being told what a POS you are was long overdue and be thanking alcohol for giving them the guts to say it after all this time.

3. Gemini

Those born under the sign of Gemini already have the skills of being one of life’s great talkers, add alcohol to that and oh boy here comes trouble. Everything that just springs into their mind will be transferred into text, so they don’t just drunk text once you will receive a whole string of texts like a one-way conversation.

The texts always start off pretty laidback, but as time goes on and the more alcohol is consumed the more intimate and accusing the texts become. They will demand to know why you treated them so badly and why you’re such an asshole to them, best turn your phone off or block their number as it’s not going to stop until they pass out.

The cold light of day will be agony for them when they see the text messages especially if none have been replied to, they will just wish the ground could open up and swallow them, if you have a friend who is a Gemini, do them a favor and take their phone away at the first sign they may start texting.

4. Aquarius

Those born under the sign of Aquarius always fall deeply in love so when the relationship ends the hurt runs deep and they will have problems understanding why the relationship came to an end when they gave it their all, the feeling of not being good enough will be felt for a long time after the relationship has ended.

When they drink all those feelings are more intense and the more, they drink the more they will feel the need to text you. Their mind will be a chaotic mess of thoughts and feelings and this will come across in the text messages, most not making sense until the flow of messages stops and you can read them all and make some sense of what is being said.

They will regret it in the morning and you will most likely get a text apologising and asking you to forget all that they sent.

5. Capricorn

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are proud people who will not show their feelings in regards to a break up as that is too personal, however, add alcohol and that pride disappears and all bets are off, they say what they are thinking.

They tend not to be aggressive or accusing texts rather more how much they miss you and talking about all the good times you two had together and how they wish the relationship hadn’t come to an end.

The morning after will be agony for them and they will be in the throes of humiliation and most likely be asking their friends to ban them from taking their phone with them on any future nights out.