They Say Opposites Attract, That Isn’t Always The Case, Sometimes Dating The Same Zodiac Sign As You Has Some Unknown Benefits.

There are some of us who believe in the zodiac and their predictions and there are those of us that laugh and roll our eyes.

Whatever you believe here are the predictions of what benefits you may have by dating someone who is the same zodiac sign as yourself.


Hot-headed and head butting comes to mind with Aries so dating someone the same sign as you could lead to one hell of a fiery relationship.

You are both passionate and that can lead to some very exciting times in the bedroom.


Typically, stubborn so to have two stubborn people together can lead to some standoff situation on big and small issues.

If you are on the same page or agenda though this will lead to a formidable pairing that no one can break through.


Gemini’s are unpredictable, spontaneity is the name of the game, so to have two people together this way can lead to a wild but unstable relationship.

One of you will have to learn some compromise if it is to succeed, and you are both loved by those around you as you are the life and soul of the party.


Challenging combo. You both need love and attention all the time, so a pair needing this can be volatile yet also make the relationship special.

You have a great emotional connection and some incredible chemistry that could leave others looking in very jealous of what you two have.


Virgo’s are typically passionate about everything they do, they are a perfectionist which is a challenge in any relationship, but to have two the same could lead to some explosive situations.

Virgo’s can be very critical be careful you don’t end up just having a relationship that is constantly being at odds with each other.


Cancers tend to be smothering, this is due to their caring side, but they seem to take caring a little too far and end up suffocating the person they care about.

Imagine that doubled up, and one of you will end up fighting for oxygen.


This can be a great pairing as long as you consider each other’s needs. You are in tune with each other and are eager to please your partner.

Both will speak their mind and not allow issues to fester, you also tend when things are not going well to put up a false front to others but give each other some home truths behind closed doors.


Two Scorpios together, phew hot, hot, hot is what comes to mind.

You’re both passionate people and there is no danger of things getting boring between the two of you. The only downfall is you are both jealous people so combine that with your passionate side and arguments can go nuclear.


As you are both strongly opinionated people yet free-spirited this makes you both fun to be around.

The downside, if one of you wants to settle down and the other doesn’t then the relationship is on a slippery slope and will end just as quickly as it started.


The hard head and impractical ones and really not a good pairing at all, you always seem to be pushing against each other which can be exhausting.

If one of you is willing to compromise then there is hope, but a life of constant compromise is no life at all.


Open-minded and tolerant is all well and good with this sign but it can lead to your partner taking advantage.

Two Aquarius together can either be a cute adorable couple or a couple that feels at odds with each other and not a happy one either.


The dreamers of the zodiac, they tend to see life through rose-tinted glasses, the inability to see life as it truly is, is not a good side.

When with opposing signs you achieve balance but two dreamers together with no idea on reality has no grounding at all and could lead to a shock when reality comes knocking on the door.