Things That Will Happen When You Meet A Good Man After A Toxic Relationship

The major drawback of a toxic relationship is, it spreads slowly in you like a poison and your soul gets used to it without you realizing it. Firstly, he will make you happy with his tactics and when you are in love with him, he will reveal his black side.

A toxic relationship is so addictive that you forget to take care of yourself the way you should. You can even forget that you need equal attention and importance from the other person the way you give it to him.

You will not remain single forever as you will meet a good guy with a pure heart. You will feel the following things once you meet the guy who deserves you:

His support will make you learn how to love yourself

A toxic guy will always want you to forget yourself and keep him on the top of everything you do. A good guy will teach you how to keep your self at the top-most and to love yourself more than anyone else. He will never let you be deprived of your rights the way the toxic guy does.

Embracing new and strange feelings

You are shattered and broken by the toxic guy. It’s really hard to believe in the new guy that you have met. But, if you want to move on and you have finally met the right guy, embrace your emotions for this guy open-heartedly. He won’t hurt you again as you are in safe hands now. He will work with you so that you can fix all your broken pieces with his love and care once you accept your feelings about him and his sincerity towards you.

You’ll fear that this guy is also the same as your toxic ex

When you start spending time with the new guy, you will be reluctant to trust him. You will feel that the same thing will happen again because your trust in people is badly shaken. But soon, you will see the difference after meeting this nice guy. He will make you forget all your fears, sorrows and pain once you feel wanted, respected and important to him. Soon, you will realize that this guy is not like the other men.

You’ll overthink and mistrust his actions

Initially, you will mistrust all his actions concerning showing you love and care. You will be suspicious all the time and try to find the hidden meanings of the things he does to show his love. As you are badly broken by that evil guy, you will think that all the people around have bad intentions for you. You will try to keep yourself at a distance and won’t be willing to open up to him. But a good guy will understand your situation and give you space to heal. With his continuous effort, soon you will start to accept his sincere feelings for you.

Too good to be real

He is a nice guy and you are a wounded woman right now. His kindness will always make you the fear that he is faking it. You will always think he is too good to be real and he is just pretending. You will fear that as soon you fall for this man, he will show you his true colors. It’s not like that though! He is persistent in nature and he genuinely loves you so he will understand your insecurities.

You expect a fight and abuse from him

You are always scared of the fighting and abuse from this guy too. You are so used to being insulted, humiliated, abused and perhaps even physical assault that you expect him to do the same with you. Your fears for the upcoming storm are never over and you expect it regularly but this won’t happen. He is not your ex and you will eventually see that.

You will always say sorry

You have lost your self-respect and you will say sorry for everything you do. You will always be guilty and fear that you have done something wrong. With a new guy, you will always say sorry to him. Gradually he will teach you to regain your self-respect and not to be sorry for anything.

Slowly, you will learn to accept his love

With his continuous effort, you will learn to be loved and to love him in return. His kind nature will make you more confident and wanted. You will learn his intentions are pure hence you will open up your heart and soul for him.