Bob Ross Monopoly is the most relaxing version of the game you’ll ever play!

My husband was raised on Bob Ross so there’s a bit of sentimental attachment to his smiling peaceful face in this house! We are often streaming him for out two kids now! Watching his firm but gentle brush strokes as he creates fluffy little clouds or the scratching of his flat brush as he taps out tall trees his show has to be one of the most relaxing things ver to watch. Which only tells me the Bob Ross version of Monopoly would be way more relaxing to play.

 Now monopoly crossovers are not a new thing. They have come out with everything from friends to baby Yoda! So it only seems fitting that we are blessed with the Bob Ross version!! 

According to Hasbro’s product description, players are encouraged to “take advantage of whatever happens” in “the most peaceful edition of Monopoly you’ve ever seen! Monopoly: Bob Ross is your bravery test to buy, sell, and trade favorite works of art from The Joy of Painting series.” Just reading that makes my insides settle down and chill out!

Almost unbelievably it gets even better! They have you using collectible tokens to canvas the board. You can be a Squirrel, Pine Tree, Easel, and more. You go around the board building up cabins and Covered Bridges, shaking off taxes, and beating the devil out of others’ budgets to be the last one standing with Happy Bucks! If only the real world could be this amazing and stress-free! Have you ever wanted to play Monopoly more? I doubt it!

Currently the game is sold out. But I know we all need Bob Ross Monopoly in our lives. It costs $39.99, which is basically the best 40 bucks you’ll ever spend for the rest of your life. I’ll be refreshing praying the stock more before Christmas!!