This Could Be How You Are Unconsciously Ruining Your Life According To Your Zodiac Sign


You have negativity and are pessimistic and that is why you always rain on your own parade. For you, there never seems to be a silver lining.

You speak before you think, and this can cause friction. Should someone get angry, at you, you get upset and your mouth goes into overdrive.


My goodness, you are stubborn and quite frankly it’s ruining your life. You just won’t accept that things won’t always go as planned.

Take a chill pill girl and accept you can’t control everything in life and that for sure is a fact.


You struggle to know what choices to make in life, and when you do finally make a choice you think it’s a wrong one, and that you’ve made a mistake.

An example of this is relationships, you jump into, then change your mind and leave to be with someone else and this can leave the person hurt, the grass is not always greener remember that.


You always think of others first and the only person this hurts is you, there is nothing wrong with doing a little self-love now and again.

You invest in people 100% and give so much of yourself that people do tend to take advantage of you.


Predictable of course but your pride is what does the most damage to you. You will not allow anyone to see you as vulnerable, even when you are feeling so.

You appear strong and can take all that life throws at you, in reality, you can’t but think showing your feelings is a sign of weakness, it’s not.


You are constantly putting yourself down as you are a perfectionist, this will ruin your life, as until you accept that life isn’t perfect you are destroying your own self-worth.

Quit giving yourself a hard time, calm down and enjoy life before it passes you by.


You are one of life’s natural caretakers and as such often have your good nature abused by others, you know you are being used, yet still, you say nothing.

Put up some boundaries, speak your mind, stop holding in what you think, and you’ll be surprised how much life gets easier.


You find it difficult to open up to people at the best of times. You can appear as cold and aloof which makes having relationships difficult.

Once you do let someone in, you become secretive and this sends the wrong message as your partner thinks you are up to something when you’re not, try being more open.


You stay in the same spot jumping up and down like a kangaroo, you think you are achieving a lot but you’re not.

You’re afraid of failure, but stick to what you know, take a leap of faith and wow look at the changes your life makes.


You set yourself so many goals they almost send you crazy, you sometimes even set some so impossible that those around you wonder what is going on.

Take a seat love, take time to listen to others, enjoy that moment in life and you’ll be amazed at the difference in yourself.


Ahh, the historian of the zodiac, you are constantly looking into the past, you can’t let things go.

Dump the baggage of the past and look forward to a bright new world, you can’t change what’s happened, but you can take control of you.


You seem to attract all the wrong people to you, you give true meaning to the phrase ‘opposites attract’.

Toxic people flock to you and they hold you back. Time to dump the toxic waste and breathe some clean fresh air.