This DIY penny mosaic floor is jaw dropping!!

If you’re wanting to update the floors in your home but are tired of the same boring options out there. Or maybe you are hoping to create a real statement with just a fraction of the cost. If so this DIY penny floor just might be the design that you need. Not only is it stunning, but it only costs, well, pennies!

DIY Mosaic Penny Floor

Recently a post by Kat Von D went viral showing off her penny floor room. When Kelly Graham, owner of the Etsy shop Camias Jewelry Designs, saw the post going around she knew it was time to show off her masterpiece.

A few years ago Kelly decided her entryway needed to be brought back to life. As someone who already had loads of experience tackling projects herself. The idea of a gorgeous mosaic made of pennies in place of a traditional floor was perfect for her.

The Process

The first step n the process was heading to the bank to buy a lot of pennies. 7,500 pennies, to be exact. Sorting them would be next on her list, and that task would take almost three weeks! During the time it took to sort through them, she also came up with her design! She then laid each penny in position on the six square-foot space before gluing them all down. She finished off the project by grouting the floor and covering it in a clear resin coating. Five years later, the penny floor looks as gorgeous as ever. Even standing the test against her children. We all know how hard they can be on things!

How To DIY Your Own Penny Floor

If seeing this amazing copper-toned masterpiece inspires you and you find yourself wanting one of your own. Here are some simple steps for you to recreate it courtesy of



  1. Test Run
  2. Read through all of these steps and do a trial run on a small patch of flooring that isn’t super visible. You might have to do a couple of practice runs before you feel ready to do the whole floor.
  3. Get Your Pennies
  4. Even in a small area, you will need a few thousand pennies. Measure your floor and order your pennies in advance. If you get partway and think you won’t have enough, you can always order more.
  5. Ensure a Level Floor
  6. Make sure you sand away any bumps or lumps and fill in any holes. If your floor is problematic you may need to put down plywood and paint it. Floor or plywood – sand and clean the floor before you begin.
  7. Stick Your Pennies Down
  8. Lay down your pennies and glue, glue, glue!
  9. Finishing Coat
  10. Now it’s time to pour the epoxy all over the floor. Choose one that is solvent-free and durable and won’t affect the finished look of your floor. Wessex Permakote is a great option for this, as it will fill in the gaps so you don’t need to use grout with.
  11. Let it sit
  12. The epoxy finish will gel in 45-50 minutes and be completely hard to the touch in 6 hours. It will take about four days to reach it’s best quality and hardness.

For more info on DIY penny floors, go here.

Kelly is still so happy with her floor choice. Thanks to the grout and resin the color hasn’t even faded. But truly the best part of this amazing floor has to be the price tag. Coming in at only $75 you truly could not ask for more!