This limited dunkaroo flavored beer is nostalgia in can!

The announcement of Dunkaroos returning to stores back in February nearly broke the internet. As soon as they hit the shelves in May people were going wild. These little dunkable cookies have some real die-hard fans and they are probably about to lose their minds! The nostalgic isn’t over yet, because now there’s a brewery making a Dunkaroos-flavored beer that tastes just like the real thing.

Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth, TX, is responsible for this throwback concoction. Knowing how tough their critics would be, they carefully sourced their ingredients to make sure the beer tasted just like Dunkaroos. The eight percent ABV beverage—aptly named DunkAbroos—is brewed with cookies, vanilla cream, lactose, and sprinkles. Martin House Brewing confirms that each sip will taste like the cookie and frosting snack we know and love.

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“The flavors have been replicated perfectly. It’s a sweet, cookie-filled brew that even has that frosting finish (like when you save all the cream for the last cookie – y’all know what we’re talking about)!” they wrote in their Instagram caption announcing the new product.

Dunabroos was released as a taproom exclusive and with a limit of one four-pack per customer. The specialty beer sold out in just two days! But thankfully Martin House Brewing has plans to bring it back real soon.

Sold out so fast!

This isn’t the first time this company has made a wild flavored beverage either. They’ve also created beers inspired by Warheads, hot flaming Cheetos, and even salsa verde. These intense and crazy beer flavors may just be the next big thing!