To My Ex, That’s Cute You Think You Can Get Back Into My Life, Well That’s A No From Me

You have got some nerve thinking you can slip back into my life as if nothing ever happened, nice try douche bag.

The fact you think no one would tell me that you have been asking around about me to see if I’m still single is a joke, people love to talk you know.

You clearly think that I’m still the naïve girl that you met a few years ago and that you can attempt to pick up where we left off.

Trust me! That is never going to happen, cold day in hell comes to mind.

I’m not going to deny I loved you once, but that love died a long time ago.

You did mean a lot to me at one time, I believed we were on track to the rest of our lives, but once you started with the lies, deceit and cheating there was never any return from that.

At one time I thought you were the right man, now I know you are most definitely the wrong man for me.

You have such a warped idea of what love is and how relationships are supposed to be, I’m not surprised you are single again and thinking you can work your way back into my life.

When I needed you the most, to step up and be the partner I thought you were all you could do was think about yourself and your needs. There was always a ‘what do I get out of this’ attitude, you had no idea that a relationship is a partnership that you work at together.

I got to see you for who you really are. I watched you, I learned all about you yet you never really took time to know me, if you had you would know there was no chance of you ever coming back into my life as once, I’m done, I am done!

No amount of sweet talk and promises will work, you are incapable of keeping promises anyway.

I know exactly what you are thinking, she will take me back because she loves me, I don’t love you, I feel sorry for you.

I hear you got played I bet that pissed you off. To be given some of your own medicine must have really go to you.

So, she didn’t love you the way you thought, now you know how that feels don’t you, to find your whole relationship was a lie.

I’ve moved on from you and I’m happy with my life and that is why you want back in; you want what I have. You will never have that as you are incapable of loving anyone but yourself.

As you have been asking around about me and what I’m doing let me bring you up to date.

Yes, I am single and that is by choice.

I knew I was damaged by you and it is my responsibility to work through that damage and work on myself before I even consider seeing someone new. It is not for a new person to undo the damage you caused and that is not an ideal relationship either.

I’m working on me, for me. I learned some tough lessons from you and the damage you did runs deep.

I take each day as it comes, I find myself enjoying going to the gym, keeping my journal and even look forward to my therapy sessions where I can scream and shout if I want to and not have someone look at me as if I’m crazy.

I sleep better now; I don’t find myself so anxious about even the slightest things. I’m in control of me and I make the decisions for me.

Honestly, you were like a drug for me, and going cold turkey was hell, but you are out of my system and there is no way you are coming back in.

There is no room for you in my life, that door is shut and bolted down tight. I know one day I will meet someone who is worthy of me and when that day comes it will be amazing, it will show me that all the work I have done in healing has been completed and I did it all by myself.