To The Man Who Beat Her To Death Emotionally

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it? One minute you are living a life you thought was all you could have dreamed of then the next you have fallen into a nightmare which there seems no way of waking up from.

Each day is a battle just to get through it and you wonder what on earth you have done to possibly be treated so badly by someone who is supposed to love you.

Each day is being emotionally beaten, your mind battling within you, a war that you think there is no winning and all because of an insidious human being who gets a thrill from messing with your mind and seeing the confusion and pain on your face.

The thing is it wasn’t until she was emotionally beaten down until she lost who she was that her true self came fighting back up from the debris and you couldn’t handle that could you?

Suddenly this woman before you was fighting back, she was far stronger than you ever realized she could be, and she suspected she scared you a little and so she should, as she saw you for who you are, what you are, and she called you out on your shit behavior unlike others before her.

You were a parasite draining her of all her good energy and replacing that stolen energy with your darkness as you were so desperate to have her to submit to you and be fully under your control.

You invaded every aspect of her life, family friends, work and bit by bit you took them all away until she felt like she had nothing left to live for.

You stole her self-respect, her pride, her independence and her self-worth, you made her believe that she was nothing without you. The truth is she was everything you could only dream of being, and that is why you had to steal her life from her.

You made sure every minute of every day and night was a living hell. When you couldn’t be with her you text her relentlessly just so she didn’t have a moments peace from you. At night when she finally fell asleep you kept waking her up, you never gave her a moment’s peace.

Life was like being thrown overboard at sea with no land in sight and being surrounded by sharks that kept taking a bite but always ensuring she didn’t bleed out, you made sure there was always enough recovery time so she didn’t drown.

Life was gasping for air and being given the bare minimum.

She was terrified of you and you knew it, you loved that, it was like a sexual thrill for you knowing that you had that much power over her.

You pushed and pushed and pushed her. Yet you always knew when to stop, you never went too far until ‘that’ night.

You lost your temper, didn’t you? You truly lost it with her when she told you enough was enough.

You threw her to the ground, slamming her head repeatedly onto the floor, your hands around her throat, your eyes bulging, your face red, you were screaming at her that you were going to kill her, squeezing tighter and tighter around her neck, then you said to her ‘Submit’ and she replied, ‘never again, so kill me now, do it, do it now’ and that is when you knew you no longer had control over her wasn’t it?

You could see she was hanging there between life and death; you knew one more squeeze would do it, but you stopped and the only reason you stopped is because you feared life in prison, not because you shouldn’t take another life, even at that point you only thought of yourself.

As she lay there unconscious barely breathing you ran like the coward you are, you feared she was dead, you feared you had gone too far, what you didn’t know was her mind and body was protecting her, they shut her down to give her some peace.

She lay there dreaming not of horror, but of laying in the sea with gentle waves washing over her, pushing her further away from you and towards land, she dreamt of washing up on a beach, the gentle warmth of the sun caressing her face.

Her mind was already working hard on giving her the illusion of peace, a tranquil time.

When she woke it was dark the house was silent, and she knew you were gone.

She didn’t feel afraid anymore, what she felt was relief and she knew that another journey, a battle was beginning, one where she had to recover from you, a battle she knew would be hard to win.

That night you went too far, was the night you actually set her free and was the beginning of your downfall.

She beat you didn’t she, and as you sit there in your prison cell, just know she is out there living life to the full, she is happy now, full of hopes and dreams and you are exactly where you should be so you can never harm another living soul.