To The Women, Who Think They Are Unlovable

You think you’re too much, too broken, too difficult, too damaged, too done in, don’t you? Let me tell you, you’re not!

You blame yourself for all the failed relationships. You believe it is your fault they lied and cheated on you, that they manipulated and rejected you. You’ve convinced yourself you are unlovable.

Let me tell you, honey, you are enough, and you are worth so much more than what the past has done to you.

You are an incredible, strong, loving, fierce woman.

You have dated cowards yes, that’s right cowards, who had no idea how to have a good and honest relationship with you. They lied to you until you didn’t know which way was up, and which way was down.

They told you the break up was your fault, they were wrong, they lied.

You loved them, but they were incapable of loving you back as they have no idea what love is.

They had no remorse about their actions and leaving you was so easy for them wasn’t it, it was easy as they never loved you, they are incapable of loving anyone but themselves, and that is just the truth of the matter.

They left as they felt threatened by you. They couldn’t handle the fact that you are so much better than they are.

They were afraid of your fearless passion and drive for life, that you wouldn’t allow them to lie and cheat on you anymore.

They couldn’t cope with you being challenging asking questions they would rather not answer.

They didn’t leave because of your flaws, they left you because they feared your strength.

You are one of life’s miracles of nature. They couldn’t cope with that about you.

You’ve been broken many times yet look at you still standing strong-looking life in the eye each and every day.

You’ve been hurt so many times and yet you still laugh at life, you love, and you refuse to settle for mediocre.

They shot your love down in flames and you were left looking at the ashes, but just as a phoenix your love rose back from those ashes, took their rightful place firmly in your heart ready for when the right one comes along.

There is a right one out there for you and one day they will walk into your life and they will be everything you ever wished for.