True Love Is Full Of Growth Toxic Love Is Full Of Manipulation

It is all too easy to confuse real love with toxic love.

If you begin to question your relationship and the way your partner acts with you it could be that the relationship is toxic.

Toxic love is controlling, painful, dramatic, and judgemental. True love is about growing with your partner and being on the same page as to where you see the future.

In truth, some people pretend to be in love with you, but as time goes on their mask falls off and the toxicity is revealed.

When you find someone who does love you for real, you both line up with each other in your hopes and dreams. You work together at building a future and you both are naturally giving and taking with each other.

Toxic relationships are all one-sided. They take all they can and give nothing back, they make no effort with the relationship as far as they are concerned, they are in it for all that they can get from you.

Toxic people are self-centered and selfish, you could be struggling with life, going through a trauma and they would quite happily leave you to struggle along on your own. They are callous and unfeeling which leaves you feeling alone.

True love is never selfish, cold, and unfeeling, it is loving and caring. True love will keep you feeling safe and cherished with your partner, it gives you peace when you need it the most.

Relationships are far from easy, they take time and effort from both parties, so if you find yourself putting in all the time and effort, your partner is indeed toxic.

Toxic relationships can leave you stuck where you would rather not be. They cling on to you until you no longer serve a purpose and would think nothing of abandoning you leaving you confused and hurt. As a result you begin to wonder what true love really is and what did you do wrong to fail at the relationship.

You didn’t fail, they failed you.

Toxic relationships are unhealthy, they destroy your mental well-being. If you feel any negative emotions in your relationship cut your losses and leave. In time, the right person will be before you and everything will fall into place.