Watch Your Lovers Actions Not Their Words To Find Out If They Do Really Love You

Many people have the gift of talking a good game, they make promises and convince people they are being true to them, yet their actions show otherwise.

Claims of love can be cheap, it is the actions instead of words that prove if their love is true.

10 Signs The Person Telling You That They Love You Actually Does:

  1. You’ve accepted this person’s flaws, and they have accepted yours.

Everyone has flaws it is human nature. It is in the willingness to accept your partner’s flaws that show your true feelings towards them and vice versa. In accepting your lover’s flaws you both grow in the relationship.

  1. You see a future with each other and have even discussed this.

When you talk together, you talk of a future, sometimes decades into the future. You make plans together and are both going in the same direction.

  1. You both consider one another before big decisions.

You include each other in big decisions, neither of you just make decisions without consulting each other, it is a matter of respecting each other.

  1. You are both giving and taking equally.

You consider each other in all matters, you encourage your partner to grow and they want to see you in your own growth.

  1. You can trust this person entirely.

You have mutual trust for each other. You believe in each other and betrayal is something neither of your fear from each other.

  1. You never have to worry about whether he or she will follow through.

They always follow through with their promises and commitment to you as you do for them. You know you can count on them in your time of need.

  1. You’re able to communicate with one another properly.

You are open with each other, if anything bothers you or gives cause for concern you know you can talk about it reasonably with each other, and no screaming matches or silent treatment is used.

  1. They’re not beating around the bush.

Honesty is important to you both, there are no half-truths. You both say what you think and feel, they show how important you are to them by being this way with you.

  1. They make you feel safe and secure. 

You feel safe with each other, you have a real connection and want what is best for each other. The connection is strong even when apart.

  1. You’re happy with them in the relationship.

You love spending time with your partner, they make you feel loved and secure. Your mood is positive and light with them, and you feel happy in their presence.