We All Made Mistakes In 2018, Some Tips On How To Avoid Them In 2019 According To Your Zodiac Sign


2018: You literally jumped your way through 2018. You went from one situation to another, it’s a wonder your head didn’t spin full circle. You spoke without thinking and upset some people along the way.

2019: Do yourself a favor and take baby steps, and please practice patience, maybe then you won’t upset so many people.


2018: The year of doubt for you.  You had so many opportunities come your way, but your indecisiveness cost you what could have been a great year for you. You got too comfy in your comfort zone.

2019: Take some risks this year, live a little, don’t miss out on opportunities or you will end 2019 with the same if not more regrets than 2018.


2018: You allowed yourself to become distant from people around you, especially those that are close to you, you went from Queen of texting to almost zero, you lost some relationships last year due to this.

2019: Reach out and try and reconnect with the broken relationships that matter to you. Make more time to spend with friends and family and get your fingers back to texting speed.


2018: You didn’t ask for help when you needed it, you suffered in silence and handled it all yourself. You felt you were bothering people so that made last year a tough year for you.

2019: Ask for help, admit you’re not okay, don’t be ashamed of your vulnerability, people will be more than happy to help you.


2018: It was a year of giving up on things which is not like you, you gave up on some great dreams and seemed to lose your drive and ambition. Motivation was the problem.

2019: When you start something make a point of finishing it. Push yourself, don’t give up halfway through, you’ll be glad you did.


2018: Love was hard on you last year, you sadly fell in love with a toxic person and they drained the life out of you. They made you miserable and you couldn’t wait for the year to end.

2019: If you are still involved with them, give them the boot, it’s not healthy for you. If you have already broken that relationship cycle, use this year to heal and be good to yourself.


2018: You let people walk all over you last year, you became the zodiac doormat. They took advantage of you, and unlike you, you didn’t stand up for yourself.

2019: Put yourself first, be selfish and take care of your own needs first. You forgot you are important make 2019 about you.


2018: Boy was last year a year from hell. You made many mistakes and then you literally sat there and beat yourself up over it to the point of hating yourself.

2019: Forgive yourself ASAP. Accept last year was hell and leave it on the wave behind. Look ahead and never look back.


2018: You cancelled plans, you overslept way too many times, you became a homebody, you struggled to leave your home at all.

2019: Reconnect with your friends, they regard you as MIA. Get out the damn house and have some fun.


2018: Last year you were a workaholic, you didn’t rest properly and ended the year utterly exhausted.

2019: Give yourself plenty of time out. Quit being hard on yourself or the only place you’ll end up is in hospital seriously sick.


2018: Last year was just stress, stress and more stress, are you gray yet? You worried about everything and even when there wasn’t anything to worry about.

2019: Stop worrying so much, live in the moment, if you don’t 2019 will pass you by with nothing achieved.


2018: You had trouble with self-image, and you don’t know what triggered it. You deleted your pictures, had trouble eating and you were pretty mean to yourself.

2019: You are beautiful as you are, keep telling yourself that. Respect yourself, love yourself and you’ll be much happier.