“We Sheds” Are A Thing That’s Proving Popular

Man caves have been around for what feels like forever. In most homes, the basement becomes the man’s domain and the lady of the house gets left out, she has no personal space.

There has been a recent trend for ladies to now how their own space and it is often referred to as a ‘she shed’ and is found in the backyard.

A furniture company called Portable Buildings of Houston has recently designed ‘we sheds’ which gives couples the chance to have their own personal space.

The “we-shed” is an amazing collaboration of a she-shed and a he-shed, made of two separate structures erected on the same platform. The sheds share one staircase and only touch each other by a wooden seat joining at their porch railings.

This way, you could get to minimize the cost of having two sheds erected separately, probably saving more room in the yard.

Image Credit: Portable Buildings of Greater Houston

Adding a new dimension to your home

Portable Buildings of Houston have said that they didn’t design the buildings but the concept is certainly something they can use in their own designs.

The idea is to have a he-shed and a she-shed separated but somehow connected.

Sheds are a great addition to any home because they aren’t just for storing garden furniture during the winter months, they can be places of solitude when needed.

In Ottawa, Canada, and some parts of the U.S., he-sheds, and she-sheds are becoming a real thing. Couples get to hang out in their own spaces and bring in whatever items and décor they want without their partner getting upset.

Most people already have a shed in their homes. While he and she-sheds can be renovated from their existing sheds and brought up to taste, most people prefer to have new sheds built from scratch.

Jason Fisher, owner of Canada-based Urbanshed explains that building a shed from scratch would usually cost about four to five times the price of having one custom-made.

His company delivers tastefully designed sheds built on-site or delivered, although they currently only ship to Western Canada, as the company is based out of Calgary, Alberta.

“It’s an economical way to add square footage to your home,” he said.

Image credits: Ottawa Citizen
Image credits: Ottawa Citizen
Image credits: Ottawa Citizen
Image credits: Ottawa Citizen
Image credits: Ottawa Citizen

There is no limit to what you can do to your ‘we sheds’ to make them your perfect haven.