Weird Things About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all like weird and wonderful things at some point in our lives. For some the weirder the better.

There is some weirdness we would rather others didn’t know about, but if found out you now can blame it all on your zodiac sign.


You can be obsessive about death, you literally think about it all the time. You imagine your own death, what it would be like, is there life after death, is there a light at the end of the tunnel.

You don’t allow it to bring you down, and to be honest I don’t think it’s weird to think about death at all after it is the natural end of life, but the levels you can go to is what makes you weird about it.


Stalker much? You can literally spend hours, days, stalking down someone you like or an ex just to see what they are up to.

You have been known to even turn up at a social function that your crush posted they were going to on their social media. You would make a perfect FBI agent.


Liar, liar pants on fire! That saying must have been made just for you, as you lie constantly, once you start you simply can’t stop.

You tell small lies, medium lies and huge whoppers, you push the limits with people just to see how far you can go with them.


You are the freak of emotions, you take every emotion you feel to the heart and that can make you dangerous to be around.

You become a mixture of either spiteful or clingy and you have no idea how to get to a healthy middle ground.


You are another sign obsessed with death. You imagine your own funeral, who would attend, the flowers who would read the eulogy, some have even gone as far as to plan their funeral down to the last second and leave those instructions in their will.

Obsessive much? You believe you are so important and adored by everyone that you can control what happens regarding you even after death.


You look so sweet, sickly sweet actually, you’re so neat and tidy it’s seriously annoying, you are like two different people as your angel persona is by day, but by night you change into a sex freak.

You fantasize about your deepest darkest thoughts the naughtier the better, yet when daylight comes, you’re ashamed of your desires, why? If it’s what you want why be ashamed.


You like to watch some pretty messed up stuff and should anyone check your search history they may become alarmed.

You research crime like it’s a drug to you and the darker the better, you’ve been known to cancel a night out should a show come on that attracts your inner darkness.


You are pretty damn dark in your thoughts, everywhere you go you see alternative dark scenarios to what is actually going on.

It’s like a thriller playing out in your head, seeing people having wrong done to them gives you a little jolt of electric and you feed off of that.


You act like you lack emotions, but this is far from the truth, emotions make you feel uncomfortable, so you find it easier to shut them out.

It’s like you are wearing a bulletproof vest that nothing can penetrate, serious events such as death appear unimportant to you, and that is why people think of you as cold and uncaring.


Nothing will be allowed to get in your way and if someone does you simply eliminate them from your life.

You have been known to think about murder as a solution, but only think it, you can find it arousing to think this, and watch murder reality shows to feed that thought.


You cope with pain in an odd way. You are often the first to offer to deliver a eulogy at someone’s funeral as it is how you cope with their death.

You are very expressive when doing this and can often cause raised eyebrows and a lot of discomfort to those attending the funeral, you might want to reconsider what you say in future.


You literally imagine every kind of scenario there could ever be, and you plan the outcome in your head, which can cause you to become depressed over something that hasn’t happened.

Ever heard of the expression ‘you worry for worry sake’ that must have been written for a Pisces.