What Your Bullies Never Told You And How You Ended Up Being The Victor

For too long bullies have got away with their actions, from the schoolyard right into adult life in the workplace.

Bullying is an insidious beast and if we were to ask for a show of hands it is estimated that at least 70% of the world’s population would raise their hands, interestingly at least 10% of that number is estimated as actual bullies who believe they have been bullied themselves.

There are many types of bullying that it isn’t until much later that you realize you were a subject of the bully’s attacks, this is because it has been deemed as okay/normal behavior of those growing up; it is exactly this type of thinking and stigma that allows bullies to get away with what they have done.

They say bullies are cowards and I agree with that. Bullies tend to be insecure people with a devious trait, and they bully those that have what they can’t have.

We have almost got to the stage where we accept that bullying is a right of passage, it’s how we grow, and that needs to be stamped out, as that is totally the wrong way to think about it.

You were bullied as you stood out from the crowd, the reality is you scared the bully and therefore they attacked you as you were something they could never be, you were and still are unique.

If you look back to the times you were bullied, you no doubt got the silent treatment, ignored then verbally abused, in some cases even physically abused, the bully wanted to inflict as much damage as possible to you.

I’m sure you spent many nights crying yourself to sleep, or not even sleeping, not eating, living on your nerves wondering when the next attack would come.

You were made out to be the black sheep, not one of the circle.

Nothing you did was wrong, they just couldn’t handle seeing you better than them, the blame lies firmly with the bully, nothing you did was your fault.

People who feel threatened often respond to that threat with violence, you threatened the bully in some way and they never told you that.

Your bullies never told you that they saw you as better than they ever were.

It is most likely you were everything they wished they could be. Perhaps you excelled at school whereas they struggled every day, and they saw your intelligence as a threat.

Your bullies never told you that they saw you as a threat.

Perhaps, before you came along, they were satisfied with their life, then boom you appear and they hated that you appeared better than them, so they retaliated by making your life hell.

Your bullies never told you that they were jealous of you.

Perhaps they considered you to be more beautiful than them and the mean girls came out to play and worked on destroying your confidence, as you had tons of that whereas they had nothing.

Your bullies never told you that they had to bring you down in order to feel better about themselves.

Bullies are never satisfied with their life, they always covet what others have, so to get what you have or to take what you have from you they start a bullying campaign that can damage you for your entire life.

You did nothing wrong and you didn’t deserve the treatment you received, they just had to pick on you, they wanted you to buckle under the stress they caused you, bullies never stop unless they are stopped.

You might’ve been just a random choice, but what they did to you left a permanent mark on your skin. And you didn’t deserve it.

You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can change the here and now and work on making a great future for yourself.

The best revenge if revenge is the right word, is to move on with your life and succeed, just think of turning up to a school reunion and you are asked what you do and you can say you’re in your dream job, or have your own business, or happily married with children and see the look of jealousy on your bullies face as they are still stuck in the mentality of the world owes them everything as they believe that’s how it should be, they are stuck mentally as a high school kid whereas you are the adult.

What you endured was painful, you didn’t know it at the time, but it made you stronger, it toughened you up for the big wide world.

Your victory will be your happiness.

Your victory will be if your bullies see you doing better than them and if you no longer give them power over you.

Your victory will be in moving on and always staying greater than they’ll ever be.