When Going To A Halloween Party Means Way Too Much Effort With A Costume, Here’s A Quick Win Solution So You Can Still Party The Night Away

We all know the infamous Christmas sweaters, those outrageous and at times gruesomely ugly sweaters that some dear ole relation buys and we are under strict instructions from Mom to wear to keep them happy… shuddering just thinking about it.

Not to be left out of the ugly sweater market Halloween has now upped its game and joined in, so what was once just a dreaded Christmas thing we are now being hit with it in October too!

Online Halloween costume store HalloweenCostumes.com has introduced a collection of cute and creepy clothing that exchange dear old Rudolph and Mr Snowman skeletons and pumpkins.

We guess this means you can stop freaking out about what to be for Halloween this year.

Throw one on to take the kids trick-or-treating or when you carve the pumpkins. Perhaps hold an ugly Halloween sweater party, you never know it could become a new family tradition for you.

Halloween Cat

Spirit Board

Pumpkin Frenzy

Ghoulish Ghosts

Skulls Galore


Nightmare On Elm Street – Freddy

Friday 13th

Beetlejuice Lydia Deetz

Freddy versus Jason

Prowling Werewolf

Witch’s Moonlight Ride

Witch Spell Craft


Ripped Open Skeleton