When I Saw You Can Buy Highlighter For Your Vagina That Was A Real ‘WTF’ Moment For Me

First there was BB and CC cream, now you can get VV Cream, Yes you read that right, the Perfect V is a beauty and skincare range designed specifically for the vagina.

If you are looking to have a certain glow down there then look no further than the perfect V collection which has The Perfect V is like makeup for your vagina.

The vagina does an incredible job of self-regulating, it’s beautiful and powerful so it really doesn’t need a ton of beauty products, but if you want to go the extra mile then the V collection is definitely the way to do it.

The Perfect V site promotes its brand that “it is pure, indulgent pampering and love for your ‘V.’ It is a multi-tasking luxury skincare formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and beautify the ‘V.’ It’s PH-balanced, dermatologist and gynaecologist tested — clean beauty and paraben-free.”

These wipes are part of what The Perfect V calls a “Vanicure.” One of the best things about the brand is that it offers instructions for use with each product on its site.

I’m pretty sure the pink packaging is intentional.

As for vagina highlighter is truly now a thing, thanks to The Perfect V’s Shades of V Very V Luminizer product. According to their website, this highlighter promises to add “luminous iridescent color” to the vulva area, brightening and minimizing any skin imperfections. With added Vitamin E and elderflower, the cream contains a softening and soothing effect, supposedly providing “instant radiance.”

So, yes, if you want to pamper your private parts, you can certainly do so with The Perfect V range.