Why Some People Can See Ghosts And Others Don’t

Have you or think you have ever experienced a supernatural presence? Have you seen something you believe to be a ghost or felt unexplainable cold places and swear you’re being haunted?

Some people specifically go our ghost hunting to then be disappointed when they find nothing at all where others say they have seen or heard ghosts, so get frustrated that they can’t have the same experience. They may even resort to using the Ouija board and still find nothing.

The answer to why some do experience ghosts and others couldn’t lay within science.

Fear Of Ghosts

A lot of people are genuinely scared at the thought of encountering a ghost, the very thought fills them with dread and yet they can be found watching horror movies or shows about ghosts even though they are afraid of them, they build this hype up in their minds of what an encounter would be like.

Those who fear ghosts even if they say they are not afraid tend to be the ones who have these experiences. Their mind is already on alert for such eventualities, they interpret things differently an example being a book falls off a shelf must have been pushed by a ghost when the reality is the book was already placed on the shelf badly and vibrations from the roads traffic finally made it fall.

People who are truly not scared of ghosts as for them it simply doesn’t exist would be the ones to see how the book fell off the shelf and not put it down to a ghost pushing the book to the floor.

Oxygen Deprived

There are a lot of people who suffer from the phenomenon called cerebral anoxia which is when our brain doesn’t receive the required supply of oxygen. This happens with people who for example are heavy smokers.

When the brain is deprived of the oxygen it needs the mind can play tricks and can even make you hallucinate so you see things that aren’t really happening. This can lead to many people believing they have experienced a supernatural event, so it is no surprise really that they believe they have seen a ghost.

So if you combine oxygen deprivation along with a fear of ghosts this goes a long way to explaining why they see ghosts versus someone who has a good supply of oxygen to their brain and sees nothing.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

People who have experienced carbon monoxide poisoning have reported seeing ghosts and that the ghost is the reason they got out alive. When poisoned we experience dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, confusion and even visual and auditory hallucinations.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer as you can’t see it or smell it, it interferes with your breathing thus starving your brain of the oxygen it needs to function. It could be where people have said a ghost told them to get out that our brain fighting for survival subconsciously activated our flight or fight and we responded by getting out of the situation we are in. That has been heavily debated by survivors.


Our bodies are not designed to function well on little or no sleep. When we are overtired our mind does play tricks on us and in doing so some people believe they have encountered a ghost. A sleep-deprived mind can be brutal in what it makes us think and feel, it is natures way of telling us its time to shut down and sleep, it is in the moments between being awake although exhausted and falling into a deep sleep that many have reported seeing or hearing something they can’t explain.

Electromagnetic Waves

We are surrounded by electrical appliances, electrical wires running through our home’s walls, floors and ceilings, some appliances and wiring emit a strong electromagnetic field which simply messes with our bodies own biological setup.

Some people report hearing a low-pitched hum that can drive them literally insane yet when they wiring is checked no hum can be found on any frequency which then makes the person feel that it is spiritual and not physical which can be a frightening experience for them.

Everyone has their own beliefs on this subject, personally, I do believe in ghosts but I’m open-minded too and take note of the explanations given by science that can explain away what some experience, although it is worth noting science can’t explain everything.