Why Your Relationships End According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have something in a relationship that sounds the death bell, done deal it’s over with.

The signs below show which one pushes them to end a relationship.


You are independent and have great enthusiasm for life, your partner must be the same.

You can’t stand a clingy partner so if your partner suddenly starts to be clingy with you, this will make you feel suffocated and you won’t stand for it, it will be goodbye to them.


You are stubborn and everything must be in order, your order that is.

You hate living in chaos and unpredictability is not your friend. Should your partner start behaving in a chaotic manner and disrespect you, then you will flip them the bird and off you go.


You are the fun sign, outgoing and love to party.

Your partner must be on the same wavelength as you. Should they suddenly start to not want to party as much and do fun things, then the end is coming up fast if they can’t continue being the fun guy.


You give your all in a relationship, your heart and your soul.

You expect the same in return, you expect your partner to be as committed as you are and they must honor your friends and family, if your partner falters on this in any way then it’s adios.


You do love to be the centre of attention, it’s like the whole damn world revolves around you.

Your partner must keep this illusion up for you, they also must not step on your toes and step out of their own shadow as no one steals the spotlight from you, if they try to then you show them the door.


You are the perfectionist and ambitious and you expect your partner to be the same.

Your partner can’t be messy and chaotic in any way. Should your partner mess with your plans your tolerance reaches zero and it’s the end.


You’re a loving and caring soul, you love all around you.

Your partner needs to be the same and keep life interesting for you.  You can’t stand anyone who is negative and boring as it just doesn’t float your boat. You must have a calm environment too, so if your partner gets too much for you, you just simply walk away.


You miss nothing and I mean nothing. You can be viewed as ignorant at times.

If your partner suddenly starts telling lies thinking you are too dumb to know what they are up to, you are not slow in being vocal and getting rid.


You are an adventurous soul and you never really settle.

Your partner needs to be like-minded and travel along with your decisions, trouble is not everyone can keep up with you, so when your partner wants to settle and you don’t love doesn’t come into it, you simply move on.


You know what you want in life and act responsibly in this.

Your partner needs to want to work alongside you to make your dreams come true. You don’t mind being challenged, but you do mind a partner who wants to hold you back, and if you start to feel that from them you end the relationship without a seconds thought.


You are sarcastic and a huge bitch.

Your partner must be able to take that from you and be open minded. If your partner finds you offensive and too much to handle, then why are you even with them.


You are sensitive and need to feel loved 24/7.

Your partner needs to be able to feed your needs daily and if they slip up you tend to automatically suspect them up to no good and feel that it’s time to end the relationship.