Winning Someone Heart Could All Be Down to Which Zodiac Sign They Were Born Under

We all love differently, and we all have a different perspective as to what that love should look like.

Is the person going to fulfil our dreams and love us as much as we love them?

Showing love is more important than saying it after all anyone can say “I love you” and not really mean it.


Aries is impulsive and your best bet is to be there for them at the right time or the moment will quickly pass.

Never try and give them advice they don’t like that, and they won’t accept it.

They love honesty and you being direct with them, yes that’s a contradiction to what has been said above, no one said winning an Aries would be easy.


They are jealous and possessive so there’s a huge clue of what is ahead with them.

They have a big heart and can be affectionate, but if they feel they are being taken advantage of then you have no hope of keeping them.

Make the time spent together fun and you will be well on your way to winning their heart.


The difficult zodiac sign.

They love people who are witty and intelligent as this keeps them interested in you.

Invite them to do out of the box things with you and they will be very keen to get to know you and spend time with you.


They like to be the centre of your world.

They have excellent memory recall so never say anything that you don’t mean.

Show them you are interested in all they do whether that is work or social life and you will be viewed as someone worth spending time with.


Want to win a Leo, then you’re going to have to let them be in control of the relationship.

Never be arrogant with them as it’s one of their pet hates.

They love to talk, a lot. So be a good listener and ask them lots of questions to keep the conversation engaged and show them that you have listened to all they have told you.


They don’t suffer fools gladly, so don’t act like an idiot around them, they will not appreciate it even if you are trying to be funny.

Once loved by a Virgo you will feel totally loved and cherished.

They will be extremely passionate with you but do something to turn them off and it’s the end and nothing you can so will return it to what it once was.


Showing support and understanding is key to winning the heart of a Libra.

They love someone who is romantic, optimistic and an idealist as this is the character traits, they have themselves.

Do things together that interest you both, don’t be afraid to suggest something new to them, if you pique their interest then you have a good chance of being with them for the long term.


You will need to win their respect first.

Once you have their respect then pretty much everything else will follow without a hitch.

They love to be with someone who is passionate and having someone in their life who is sensual which makes them feel like they are in 7th heaven.


They need space as well as an intimate relationship.

If you’re not someone who can cope with as much space as togetherness, then a Sagittarius isn’t for you.

Keep in step with them, share hobbies perhaps as this will keep them interested in you and think of you as someone to have a future with.


They are very demanding and like things their way only.

They are not ones to show their feelings very easily so if they do with you then make sure you don’t abuse that.

Be adaptable in your approach with them and they will love you for that, be fun and exciting but never overbearing.


They can be unpredictable, are not ones to enjoy their own company for very long.

They love to engage in long conversations about many subjects and their mind is always on the go.

They are not ones to give their heart and soul easily so if they do be careful and hold them close to you.


They are dreamers and have a certain view of how love should be.

This can make it difficult for you to know how to win them over when their views on love keep changing.

Be compatible with them and work with them on their dreams and keep life exciting and you could find yourself being their ideal partner.