Women Who Choose To Stay Single Are Happiest

Our society has always looked down at women who are not in relationships. Everyone looks at them with pity and they are considered as the most isolated, unlucky and the unhappy person on earth.

In reality, your inner peace and happiness are not based on being in a relationship. Not every relationship is successful nor every couple is happiest. Instead of being in the wrong relationship, wise women prefer to stay single because their relationship status cannot define the amount of happiness and success they attain in life.

If a woman is single, it doesn’t mean they cannot be happy. Yes, they can be and they definitely are, because it’s better to be single than be miserable. No man is needed to fulfill a woman’s emotional needs if she is strong by herself. Only, a right and a genuine man can make her see that she needs someone, not every average guy is up to the task. Smart women are self-sufficient and don’t depend on others to be happy.

Instead of rushing into the wrong relationship, women who stay single for longer periods are happier because they permit only the right person to enter in life. If not found, the board of “no entry” is always there for the trespassers and time-passers.

With time, age and maturity, women become strong. They learn to stay away from the stray, instead of entering into a Romeo Juliet story which will always end in heartbreak and tears. Many women prefer to stay single because of their experiences in life. They have faced breakups that shook them to their core emotionally and it gave them strength to remain sane and away from the mess that comes along with wrong relationships.

Women who remain single rather than being in a wrong relationship are the happiest because of the following reasons:

They happily accepted the fact that remaining alone is better than being in the wrong hands. They become more comfortable in their own company and never bother to be in love to be glad and satisfied.

They don’t feel it’s a big deal to sleep alone. It’s not important that they need company all the time, even in bed, it’s ok to sleep alone!
They are happiest because their life revolves around themselves, their inner peace and goals of life. Such women are focused on their self-grooming, their well-being, goals, and aims for life. They are more aware of what they want from life.

They are content because they chase their dreams rather than a guy. They are running after their goals, achievements, and visions. They have plenty of time to figure out what’s important to them and sort out their priorities.

They are happiest because they have a more active social life. They hang out more with their family and friends and it helps them release their stress and remain happy.

They are happy because they are free from all types of commitments. They are more focused on themselves and free from all kind of commitments and sacrifices which prevents them to move ahead in life. They live more peacefully. The life they provide to themselves is meaningful.

They are satisfied because their world is not revolving around the romance and false hopes that the wrong relationships bring. They have much more to think about.

Instead of running after guys in search of their Mr. Perfect, they run after success and self-actualization. The right guy comes to their life without any hunt and hides n seek.

They only permit guys who are happy for their success and encourage them to score even more in their life. They will always wait for someone who is open-minded and fair enough to accept the dreams she has. The one who feels proud to have a goal-oriented and smart woman in his life. Not only he accepts her dreams but also pursues her to achieve those dreams. Someone good enough to make her feel more worthy, stronger and exceptional than she already is.

Such women never want to give up the visions of their life and the objectives they set for it. They are never deceived by the shadow of love which stops them from going ahead. They never want to lose their identity for the sake of love and romance.

The wrong man will always want her to be bound for him and never think apart from him. Such women stay far away from them and remain single and cheerier.