Yes, I’m A Girly Tomboy And I Love It

We are not as some say men disguised as women, we are just women who love to get dressed up and sometimes not, it’s just how we roll.

We as young girls played with boys, built secret forts, played war games and loved to shoot either pretend guns and as we got older the real thing.

We are balanced in our approach to living our life our way, so why is it such an issue for some?

Here’s my explanation doesn’t fit all but it sure fits me;

  1. I love beer

Taking me to a classy place works for the odd occasion, but I much prefer a bar where I can drink beer and shoot pool with the guys and yes, even be the result of some of their outrageous pranks and jokes, I can stand my own ground with that any day of the week.

  1. I love watching sports

Adrenaline pumping, I screaming and shouting and yes, I’m really enjoying myself.

It makes my blood pump faster and the wild animal inside me comes out, I’m alive, awake and it’s fun.

And yes, I’ll disappear at half time to make sure the chicken wings are ready, extra spicy and oh so hot, the guys complain and I’m in the zone of if I can handle it so can you!

  1. I like hanging out with the boys, but I also like being a girl

Playing video games, yeah, I can beat them at their own game, the looks on their faces when I’ve come out tops, it’s like watching a child sulking with their bottom lip sticking out.

Yet, date night a whole different game, dress, heels and lipstick on, come on boys close your mouths it’s just me.

  1. I love food

Yes, I love food. I can eat and eat and eat.

I’m still healthy and I do look after myself, but if we’re going for a burger, I’m having what I want and none of this ‘I’ll just have a salad’ shit.

Keep me well-fed and I’m a happy girl.

  1. I’m not that graceful, sorry, not sorry

It’s just not at the top of my list of priorities.

Yes, I wear heels when out for that special date, although I’m sure I look like a duck waddling, I’m much happier in boots or sneakers.

I need to feel comfortable that way I can enjoy myself more besides, boots and a dress look awesome in my view.

  1. I love my comfy clothes

I adore my T-shirts and jeans but listen beneath that tomboy exterior I’m wearing my favorite black lace lingerie, there you didn’t expect that did you.

Just like all women I love to feel sensual under my clothing.

Another time it could be commando underneath, well if the guys can do it, why can’t I?

  1. I do wear perfume, but sweat it off later

I love all types of perfume, I have tons, my mood dictates which one I wear.

I don’t have the fabulous look all day, makeup soon evaporates off my skin along with the perfume especially after a gym workout, so I tend not to bother unless I’m going somewhere special.

I am who I am, I love who I am, if others don’t well that’s on them, not me.

  1. I can’t stand shopping

I’m the Queen of online shopping as to go to the mall is my idea of a nightmare, how do people spend hours in those places, that is just beyond me.

Okay, so I’ve had some epic failures with online shopping, but that stuff can soon be sent back.

  1. It takes me 10 minutes to put on my full make-up



Multiple lipsticks to get the right effect.

O.M.G. why?

I can get a good result in a small amount of time, and I feel great and I know I look good.

Okay, for some they love the hours of preparation and ‘yay go you’ but for me, I like the quick and out the door routine.

  1. I love dresses

Yes, I sure do.

Now listen, multi-layered outfits look amazing I agree, you all look stunning in your own style and how you are, but for me, dresses are the ultimate accessory.

For one its quick and easy to pee in a dress, no yanking down layers before you can even sit on the throne, and yes I can be found putting on shorts under my dress as you never know I might get up to some stupid adventure with the guys and no one sees my thong unless I want them to.

I’m a lady and a tomboy, and you know what there is nothing wrong with that, I’m kick-ass, and you better believe it.