You Are Finally Free Of Him, Then He Starts Calling Again, He Has Nothing Worth Hearing So Hit That Decline Button Girl

Whatever you do girl do not pick up that phone!

You’ve been dreaming of the day he will finally call you; you’ve even woken up each morning and looked at your phone before even getting out of bed hoping there is a missed call from him.

You’ve imagined him calling you to say he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving you and he now knows that all he needs in his life is you and he is desperate to see you right now.

As your phone is screaming out his special ring tone you look at the time and its 4 am, girl, do not pick up that damn phone.

Listen to me!

How many times have you tried to move on from him and just as you start to get your life in some semblance of order, he texts you out of the blue saying he just wants to check in on you and see how you are.

The truth of the matter he isn’t really checking to see how you are he is just keeping you around on his back burner and you know deep down this is true.

Allowing him to keep doing this to you is handing over all the power and you do this as you want him in your life at any level. Since when was it acceptable for you to accept crumbs from his table?

Before you met him you were a strong independent woman who lived her life the way she wanted to, you certainly were not at anyone beck and call so why are you now?

He knows that no matter how badly he treats you that you will answer his texts, will take his calls and even better as far as he is concerned you will take him back into your bed.

Here’s the thing though girl, if you stepped away and gave yourself a week or two with no contact and just thought things through, looking back at all he has done to you and his behavior I guarantee you would suddenly see life in a very different light.

He is playing games with you and you know he is.

He doesn’t love you, hell he doesn’t even care about you as if he did he wouldn’t be treating you so badly, he is calling you for a booty call, yes he is and it’s about time you faced that fact.

He has an itch that needs scratching and you are on speed dial to cure that itch.

He is drunk and no doubt got rejected by the woman he thought was a dead cert that night so now he is calling you as after all you always answer him don’t you.

You deserve so much better than this don’t you?

You should be with a man who treats you right, who takes you out on dates, you have fun together, laugh and above all wants to make love to you sober!

To be able to have that kind of man in your life you need to give Mr Booty Call the push, remove him from your life, block his number so he can’t call you or text.

If you’re not ready to block at least use the decline button as that is now your best friend, he will eventually get the message that you are no longer available to him.

Before long, his number will just be some random guy you used to know and be good to yourself and delete his number.

You are a strong, beautiful, independent and loving woman, you are worth more than how he is treating you.

Be with someone who wants to be with you fully, and not just fuck you when he’s drunk!