You Can Buy Pre-Made Jell-O Shots From Costco!

Jell-O shots are simple and always popular at parties, but can be a little messy to make.

They do need a little bit of planning to make ahead of time and now Costco has arrived to save the day!

This yummy vodka, water, and gelatin mix can now be purchased already made by the brand Shottys. 

Recently the Costco Instagram account @costcobuys shared a photo of these time-savers.

The party pack includes 24 pre-made gelatin shots–pretty much the amount you’d be able to fit in your fridge.

If you bought two of these, you would have 48 shots at the ready and way more fridge space leftover than if you were to do it yourself.

Each pack includes strawberry, blue raspberry, watermelon, and grape flavors.

Each shot is made with vodka that contains 12.5 percent ABV.

The shots come in easy-to-squeeze cups.

All you have to do to make them party-ready is to add water and ice to the bag to chill them up.

Oh, and BTW, they’re gluten-free.

If you like to keep your parties more exclusive, Shottys also sells 8-packs that you can find at some Walmart locations. More flavors are available for those including lemon, orange, and lime.

With these little gems hardly using up any refrigerator space I say why wait for a party get some in and have a naughty little shot anytime you like!