You can now get Easter eggs with a naughty surprise inside!

I know we are just now approaching Halloween. But with the way we have sped through 2020 it won’t be too long before we are considering next Easter. These days, you can choose from a huge variety of eggs from chocolate ones to cheese ones. So when it gets here this is the perfect gift for yourself or your significant other. Or maybe just your best gal pal who has been single too long! 

These eggs come with a super special and naughty surprise inside and you can’t miss this!

These days you can get all kinds of novelty gifts. Especially eggs there are entire youtube channels dedicated to watching kids open surprise eggs. But that’s another story. These eggs from are probably one of the most unusual ones I’ve ever seen, and wonderfully naughty. The company specializes in the sale of adult toys and accessories, so this is the ideal egg to come from them.

With these Easter eggs, you get the same delicious chocolate shell that you would expect with an Easter egg. The shell is made from Swiss chocolate, so you know it is going to be delicious! But inside the egg is the surprise of a lifetime! Takes finding a toy inside to a whole new level. Because tucked inside this special egg is a fully functional vibrator!

There are five different vibrator options, and the one that is inside the egg is a complete surprise until the egg is opened. The choices include some very popular vibrators including ones that have won awards.

Another thing to note is that these vibrators are environmentally friendly, so you can even do your bit for the green cause. They are all rechargeable and you also get the charging cable included.

You will have to be pretty quick off the mark if you want to give one of these eggs to someone special. These are limited edition Easter eggs from a company based in the UK, but shipping is worldwide.

One thing is for certain – if you give one of these eggs, no one will ever forget your gift!! In fact, if you give it to yourself neither will you. As far as unusual Easter eggs go, this has to be up there with the best of them!