You Made A Huge Mistake: You Pushed Her Into The Arms Of Another Man

You pushed her into the arms of another man and ended up making an awful mistake. You lost the precious gem in your in search of some stones. You made her strong and self-sufficient to deal with her own problems by leaving her alone. You couldn’t realize what a huge mistake you made by hurting a heart that loved you.

You pushed her away from yourself by ignoring her needs and desires. You made her feel unwanted so she left you for a man who will love her deeply. Because she deserves to be with a person who becomes the ray of hope through everything that life throws at her. A man who will never put himself in a situation where he has to leave her.

You pushed her into the arms of another man by not giving her the love, respect, and attention she deserves, you made her feel unworthy and that’s why you lost her.

You made her fall for another man because you never considered her important. You never realized her value. You never prioritized her because you always thought that she would stay with you. You never made her feel special. You never wanted to spend time with her because you had other interests.

You never admired her presence in your life. You always had time to hang out with your family and friends but never had a single thought of her. You made her love another man because you were always unaware of her wishes and desires.

You never realized that she was madly in love with you. She always wanted to have that special look from you that showed her you loved her.  She wanted to have her heart skip a beat when you touched her. However, she failed to find the reciprocating sparkle of love and that’s why she moved on.

You made her realize her worth by leaving her alone. You made her cry herself to sleep at night. She wanted you to understand her, but you were too immature and insensitive to her pain. So, she decided that having someone who leaves you alone when she was falling apart was not what she wanted in life.

When you were taking her presence for granted that was the point when you pushed her in the arm of another man.

It was the time when you were unable to fulfil your promises to be there for her always. You promised her forever, but you never understood the meaning of those words. You promised her all the happiness in the world. All of this made her live-in fantasy world. She started believing in your fairytales so when you failed to deliver you broke her.

Soon, all these fantasies turned into nightmares. You become the unkind, self-centred, egoistic and cruel man that made her life terrible. You made her realize that self-love and appreciation are important rather than investing in a relationship that makes you feel like a razor cutting through the heart.

You kept her as a temporary escape to satisfy your ego. You always knew that she deserves to be with a better man than you. You made fun out of her feeling because you never realized the true value of a serious relationship. All of this hurt her feelings and emotions for you. She gave all of herself for you and you were too foolish to realize her value.

You made a fool out of her, but you were unaware of her strength and capabilities. This woman was strong enough to overcome you and every pain that you caused her to feel.

Sorry to tell you that this woman had a heart of gold and it is no longer yours. She is fighting her battles and feeling alive now. And, that’s something you taught her to do.

Now, this is the time you realized that it was all your loss.