You Should Be Friends With People Who Curse A Lot, According to Psychologists

Does swearing make you feel good?

Is cursing a crime? Nope.

It’s just a way to take out your aggression. People who curse a lot are usually called straight shooters because they don’t care about who they offend by what comes out of their mouths.

Psychologists say people who curse a lot possess some commendable qualities. They are honest, expressive and more intelligent than others. Those who curse a lot are more likely to have greater language fluency too. Swear words are so comfortable and natural to some that we really don’t feel ashamed of using them. As per psychologists, you should be friends with those who curse because they are different from average people.


In conversation with those who swear a lot, psychologists stated that they are more genuine people than those who are filtered. They prefer to tell the truth and express their inner feelings. Experts say, swearing is the best way to express your sentiments and it can have a positive impact in your life.

Real expressions

You can be friends with people who curse a lot because their expressions are real. They don’t pretend in any situation. Honest conversation is far better than being socially delicate at all times. Cursing also broadens our views and makes us lively and interesting.

Reduce stress

Is swearing a bad thing? Nope, it’s not. Chin up if you have friends who curse a lot. Recent research has shown that in some cases profanity provides a relief. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your stress in a time of need, you should not swear constantly. Save it for the circumstances where it is necessary and appropriate. Friends who curse have no problem telling you like it is and helping you to reduce your stress as well!


Swearing among friends can be quite hilarious sometimes. A slightly erotic conversation can be funny under the right circumstances, but it’s not okay to start dropping the f-bombs at a burial. Expletives with a little humor can bring a lot of colors in a conversation.


If a person swears around you, it indicates that they are letting down their guard and trying to trust people and be open. When you see people satisfied in your presence, your personal level of satisfaction also increases.

Social prohibition

Rules are meant to be broken and it’s so much fun to break the social rules with your friends. Rebellious friends who are not fully seditious can be fantastic to hang out with.

No filtered people

People who have no filter are unaware of keeping their thoughts, emotions, and feelings inside them. They usually don’t think about the consequences and blurt out things that come to their mind. You can find a good friend in no filter people because they are the most real and honest persons. They hate to pretend. They are what they truly are. However, unfiltered people tend to be the most original people.

Obscenity versus crudity

There is a big difference between being completely vulgar than peppering your vernacular with the occasional expletive. Look for the social cues if you are not sure about the line of your swearing level. Profanity shows a debasement of someone or something but you should have control over yourself.


A study has found that those who cuss are more intelligent. The use of taboo language and swearing is often seen as a sign of intelligence. Canny people are more likely to swear than the dumb folks. They are more bold and confident. So start making your friends.


Profanity does not indicate that you are intelligent nor does it indicate your educational level. It’s just an utterance of profane language.

A vivid vocabulary

If someone has ever accused you of being less intelligent because you swear too much, don’t worry. There’s studies that have found that those who have a strong repertoire of swear words are more likely to have a richer vocabulary than average people.

Your dictionary

To have an expletive-filled dictionary means that you have an excellent grasp of languages. Your words indicate your vocabulary.


There is a link between cursing and creativity. Many individuals enjoy coming up with their own inventions and creativity. Through cursing, they come up with their own mucky expressions and phrases.