Your Sensitive Soul Are What Dreams Are Made Of For Emotional Vampires

There are people in this world that live just to suck the life out of other people, they literally feed on the good vibes they give out and leave them full of the toxicity they give back.

They leave people exhausted, drained and wondering what the hell they did to deserve being treated like that.

If you find yourself feeling this way it could be that you are an empath, or that your empathic side is waking up and leaving you confused.

Being an empath is truly a special gift so embrace it but also protect yourself from the toxic parasites that make a beeline for you.

Sign that you may be awakening:

You Have Heightened Senses.

You may find yourself suddenly becoming more aware of the world around you, you will be sensitive and feel the emotions from people around you. You will feel pain as well as joy and this will leave you feeling drained, the best way to protect yourself is to remove yourself from the toxic environment.

You Can Read Auras.

You will find that you can sense an emotional vampire if they get too close to you. There are times when they don’t even need to say something you will just be aware of them. Your empathic warning will be screaming at you to remove yourself from their path so put as much personal space as possible between you.

You Have An Awesome Bullshit Detector.

You can tell when someone is lying to you, that is down to your highly intuitive personality. It is almost like you are inside their head and it isn’t a great place to find yourself. Being in the position of knowing too much will drain you so choose who you spend your time with carefully.

“You’re Too Sensitive For This World”

Too often we are told we are too sensitive and we need to toughen up, this is because we see things as they really are and quite frankly people hate it when the truth comes out. So, to counteract that we see them loud and clear they accuse us of being too sensitive. You can be living your life quite happily and the moment you see reality and say so people don’t like it, ignore them there is no such thing as being too sensitive when all you see is the truth.

You Find Crowds Overwhelming.

You are not someone who finds crowds and partying a great place to be. You are not someone who is comfortable in these situations, you find them draining and a waste of your time as you simply don’t enjoy them.

You are far happier spending your time with close friends and family and there is nothing wrong with being like this.

Be aware though that feeling this way can make you totally isolate, this is different from removing yourself for protection.

You Know What Those Close To You Feel And Need, Sometimes Before They Do.

You make unique bonds with those closest to you and you are in tune with their thoughts and desires. You instinctively know what they like and dislike and you are an amazing gift giver, you just know the perfect birthday gift every time and people love this about you as they know a lot of thought and time has gone into making their day special.

You Have A Strong Intuition

You have an inbuilt radar that warns you sometimes days ahead of when something bad is about to happen, you will get an uneasy feeling, your stomach may play havoc with your digestion and your gut is literally screaming at you to be ready. Don’t be afraid of this it is just preparing you for what is to come. Don’t worry about it though you will just find yourself ready to react accordingly when things happen.

You Are The Ultimate Food If You Allow It.

The sort of people who seek out empaths is Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths. They have this deep-seated need to feed off of the high vibrations that your body give out. You may at times not be aware of who they are but you could find yourself feeling tired, even depressed, if you feel this way ask yourself who was I around before these feelings started? Do I always feel like this after spending time with him/her? If you answer yes then they are the feeders and you need to cut their ties and stop being their source.